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Perseids - Airplane - space station an UFO
Description: You have to watch really close at this video, as you will see all sorts of things. It starts off with something, not sure what but its didderent. then you can see a variety of perseids, also I caught the space station, and maybe a ufo.

Date Taken: 8/13/2009
Views: 1016
City: vinco
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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I see airplane, I see space station, others cant figure out what is what. I see the famous 3 stars in a triangle, and small lights comming from within. I have seen this before on UFO watchers site. You have too look really close as mentioned. -- pokie
ok .... Good video. -- jodimiller
Yeppers I see them UFO lights. -- flowersforsara
UFOs right come on NASA just playing in space. -- cindythunder
Uploaded on 8/13/2009
by johnstownwildfire
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