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Snow Devil By itself
Description: This is a short clip of one snow devil, in half speed.

Date Taken: 2/20/2009
Views: 65702
City: Chickaree Summit
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Very nice, I have been trying to capture one of these for years. Also known as Snow Vortexes. -- weathermatrix
Cool video, I especially like the use of wind_moan4.wav from source sounds.gcf, from the video game Half Life 2. It really makes for an eerie effect to this video. I recognized this right away as I last heard these exact wind sounds on my way into Ravenholm. -- hacky0
I kept the audio open on edit and slowed the clip down by half speed. I think this is where the howling effect comes from. I know the clip your talking about, as I do have a copy of it. Its one of those sound effects that has been passed around a lot. -- johnstownwildfire
No matter the sound, this is one bad video. I wonder if in the history of recording weather, has their ever been a wind vortex that has caused damage. And where is it on the scale, f 1 f.05 how are they recorded? -- frosty
This video should be in some kind of SciFi Movie. Spooky. -- hannah
Busted on the sound... I figured that wasn`t real, ha! In any case it`s an awesome video and to answer the question, the winds are very weak in snow devils, or related wind swirls that occur around us normally every day - you just need leaves, dust or wind to see them. -- weathermatrix
That is the first time I have ever heard of or seen A Snow Devil, what a great video. -- cdgjr
Looking at the forecast for this upcomming winter, i think I will be seeing a lot more snow devils. -- johnstownwildfire
I just love the sound.Its just like a horror movie. -- asif_ali1993
A little spooky.... -- PhotoShot
Uploaded on 2/20/2009
by johnstownwildfire
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