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Clouds then fire then wind
Description: I was filming the clouds on this day and I knew the rain was going to hit me soon, and heavy at that. The brush pile you see neeeded to be burned so I decided to burn same. The only problem is I never counted on the wind picking up. Another interesting point, note the direction of the smoke. The front is moving from west to east yet the smoke is moving towrds the incomming front.

Date Taken: 5/17/2008
Views: 2126
City: Somewhere
State: saskatchewan
Country: Canada
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Wow the fire almost got away from you. Looks like you killed your grape vines. -- penns woods weather team
I'm sorry to laugh at your potencial diaster, but I couldn't help myself. By the way why was the smoke moving in the opposite direction of the clouds above. -- team-alberta
I have no idea why the smoke is going the way it is. We need to ask the experts at accuweather. My thoughts are.. the front moving in is acting like a vacum effect. -- johnstownwildfire
This is very funny! -- titanic
Uploaded on 5/18/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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