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Gettysburg Monuments How many can you name
Description: Gettysburg Monuments here in this video you will see over 200 monuments. How many can you name? Which ones are the south and which ones are the north?

Date Taken: 5/3/2008
Views: 2155
City: gettysburg
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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This is a great video but dang it is so hard to name all these. -- jodimiller
It is hard for me too even name them all, try to name the ones from your home state. -- johnstownwildfire
Please note even if you lived in Gettysburg,it would be very hard to name each one. Also note there are over 2500 momuments on the battlefield. This video does only one thing, makes a person do some real work in trying to find out whats what. Great video no matter... -- weather123
Uploaded on 5/5/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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