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Watch Mother Nature kick butt on R Factor
Description: A lot of people have been asking for a shorter version of Ron being tossed to the ground like a rag doll. Enjoy at my expense.

Date Taken: 2/24/2008
Views: 33081
City: Chickaree Summit
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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This is FUNNY -- mikemays
We thank you for the fight. -- tommypertson
I can see why your here, but our mother is saying that you have no responsibility towards your life.. Going on to say that your body is the vessel of God etc. that you should be more careful and that you are a right down fool. Now I think this is one heck of a rush. Now the trees breaking would have me on edge but ... oh wait the wires over head sorry that is a problem. -- tabbysimms
This is worth a 5 just for the fact that your the one who put your life on the line. The only problem I see is you never seem to look over head, them be power lines over head. Remember Jesse's video from this location, maybe you should check it out. -- fredmoyer
Folks this is wicked, just watching this video I can almost feel the pain myself. -- amandatilly
The word is out, we youth of America think your one cool dude, while our parents think that your a bad for us. We are being told that people like you have no brains. -- karensandy
This is a super short film. -- lisindram
This is great! But sir you have a problem, our parenst are not happy with you right now. Setting a bad example you are. They think thtat by watching this video we are going to do the same thing, well I won't but maybe some of the boys might. Some of the boys are talking about snowboarding with this kind of wind. We also like the fact that the wires over head are holding fast. Also I see the snow twister but when it reaches the top of the hill it breaks apart why? -- jodimiller
I have heard my friends talk about this video and how you put yourself in danger. Why do people do this put themselves in danger like this. I do not know, maybe someone paid you a lot of money to cover this storm. Did you get hurt? -- mandykemper
This is a great video showing how the weather really can be in control at times. One thing Ron you really need to be careful and take someone along when you are filming. If you had fallen and got knocked out you would have died and been frozen like an icicle before anyone even guessed where you are. -- BeckyMarie
Uploaded on 2/25/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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