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Sunset to Moon Rise
Description: Check out the clouds as they move around the moon.

Date Taken: 1/23/2008
Views: 3201
City: vinco
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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This starts out slow but give it a chance... cool transitions between the photos after a little while and awesome video - was that timelapse or real-time? near the middle. -- weathermatrix
Neat shot of the moon. I think two minutes long would have been enough. Your program transitions are not supposed to draw attention to themselves - transitions in a program like this are mainly useful to compress time. In other words, use tranistions to remove segments that don't add significantly to the progress of the message. I would like to see this again re-edited. Have fun! -- larryedit
Thanks for your helpful words their Larry. What I ended up doing was taking 1 hour of film and cutting in down to what you see,when I left the cuts side by side with no transitions it looked really bad. And nother point where I have the cuts at it's almost all dark anyway. How woul doyu of done it? I am learning. -- johnstownwildfire
Yes the middle section where you really get to see the moon highlight the clouds is time lapsed x 2 -- johnstownwildfire
Time lapse is similar to speeding up the footage. Time compression is the removal of unneeded details, like when the moon appears without much cloud interaction for a couple of minutes. You take that out. Send your e-mail address to my user name at, and I can explain and make some recommendations about transitions. For example, a quick dip to black would be nearly undetectable, and you successfully move the program forward to the next clip. -- larryedit
Hi! This video is GREAT! In this case I feel the galactic POW transitions are a lot of fun! However, I also feel the moon sequence should be cut so that the length of this entire project is under 4 minutes. If you want to discuss MY transition options for the moon frames send me a message via the forum -- my user name there is - flower child. D. -- flowerchild
I love the music and the blending of music to video is great. -- lindamoss
Way too wild I love this video, the moon casting it's light upon the clouds wow -- amandasnowflake
I love the transitions I see no problem with them, they add spice to your video. -- kellykind
Warning OLD PEOPLE MUSIC! Sounds like TV shows my folks watch on late night TV. -- jodimiller
LOL - The OLD PEOPLE MUSIC music is a cross between Superman and Batman tracks and is part of what makes this vid so awesome! -- flowerchild
Uploaded on 1/23/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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