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Rolling Thunder Summer 2007
Description: I was able to redo this clip using the new pinnicle video program. I enhanced the video clip itself. During the summer of and fall of 2007 I go real lucky as I caught two of these events on film.

Date Taken: 7/25/2007
Views: 20237
City: Chickoree Summit
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Awesome -- adamthomas
I think you did a really good job,on this video. It is way better than the one on the front page now. -- BeckyMarie
OMG this video is perfect. After watching the parent video for a thousand times, I have to say thanks. You got really lucky, just think it it had winds of 126 MPH and it hit you... Oh my the very thought of you blowing away, it would be such a loss. Yea but our luck some how you would just get sucked up in the vortex and then be placed back on the ground with out a mark. -- jodimiller
It reaches out and touches the soul -- BMB
What an awsome video! I have never seen that phenomena in person, very cool to be able to see it here. Great production of the clip, it is nice coming to accuweather and learning something new everyday. My question would be, was it obviously colder when the fog rolled through? -- wasatchfront weather team
Wow what a great video. You mentioned two what is the other one, did you get it on film? -- missygirl1
SUPER VIDEO!!! -- davidmario
Get mixing great job, looking forward to seeing more in 2008 -- maryannmills
I give this video 2 thumbs up. -- brittneys
Strange weather pattern. -- Kazoo
FANTASTIC I Love your trans.. -- HayleyR
I was thinking somewhere you have another video of the same type of formation I can not find it. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us the full fog video. I still can not understand how this happened. -- WitchyPoo
Wow -- cindyhorn
Glorious Video footage, but hugely disappointing that the music covered up or interfered with the wind and thunder in the background. Would love to be able to just hear the storm as well as see it. -- bethclaire
That was cool...How much did you have to speed that film up? -- moeykid
Uploaded on 1/14/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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