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AccuWeather Video tour of their home in State Coll
Description: Jesse and I put this video together to show case AccuWeather. There is a lot in here a lot to view, we hope you enjoy the show.

Date Taken: 10/27/2007
Views: 6228
City: State College
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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You guys did a great job here, knowing what you have to work with, well great job.. Thanks I also love the interviews, MADMAN does he know the weather or what. -- BeckyMarie
Good video, you get to see how everything works so we can get our forecast -- Kazoo
Thank you so much for putting this together. Sure I saw a few mistakes, but the video was made it seems with heart, and it is made with feelings. I wonder why you put Jesse on twice in the start of the film. -- Roxys
I know sometimes I come on a little strong, but this time from the bottom of my heart I want to say thanks Jesse Mr. AccuWeather and Ron. I love the parts where I get to watch Jesse, also The guy pumpin the weights, he just thinks he is tough. -- jodimiller
Watch the movie if you have no plans. It is long but I like some parts of the movie. -- hannah
Great video funny clips -- maryannmills
I love the music I love the forcasters I love Accweather -- fayeweathergirl
A + For your efforts. Jesse I love your work -- missygirl1
After viewing this video I more than ever want to work at AccuWeather. Our weather team here in Johnstown will put together one like this, so we can show other homeschoolers how to do weather projects where they live. -- davidmario
I love this stuff -- cindythunder
Madman way to go -- sethandrews
Way to go Jesse -- BMB
Hey we are here taking turns, I want to say I love your building. Hey R Factor why is your voice so loud -- summersmarie
Well done Long over due .... -- maggiestone
I love this -- brittneys
Just kidding Ron and Jesse ... I loved the video. Almost as good as being there Accuweather really has alot of customers! -- hannah
We are asking children to watch this video and take notes on the various key elements of AccuWeather. How much work does it take just to get the forecast to you. Or better yet how many man hours does it take to produce 1 weather segment, that we see on here. -- BeckyMarie
Great stuff -- tobywills
I like your video -- bobbiefishe
I watched the whole thing, thank you so much, Great video -- karentoth
Uploaded on 10/28/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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