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Laurel Highlands Historical Village
Description: This is an overview of our village, and our efforts, as we try to preserve our various ethnic communties

Date Taken: 10/1/2007
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City: Laurel Highlands Region
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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If anyone would like to join our village or needs more information please e mail us LHHV at We are always looking for support and help. -- BeckyMarie
MISSION STATEMENT To provide a forum to inspire, motivate and teach young people about their rich cultural and ethnic inheritance through storytelling, handicrafts and skills demonstrations and seminars, period architecture, garments, tools and lifestyles. We want to provide a powerful and vivid experience that is both entertaining and educational, and engenders in our children and youth interest in the many and varied ethnicities which shaped our nation. -- johnstownwildfire
As an historical venue, the Laurel Highlands Historical Village seeks to create an ethnic-centered heritage village reflecting life in earlier times and is accessible to the public. We hope to showcase the contributions, skills and talent of many ethnic groups who shaped to the progress of this region. -- johnstownwildfire
The Laurel Highlands Historical Village, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2003 to promote appreciation and understanding of the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of the South Western Pennsylvania Highlands region. This area has served as home to many peoples who, in the 19th century, immigrated from their homelands to join the Native Americans living here for generations. The settlers worked in coal mines, steel mills, on railroads, as laborers and farmers -- johnstownwildfire
As our nation forged itself into a nation of Liberty, freed African peoples and immigrants from every continent continued to supplement our society. The result is an ever-changing array of culture unlike any in the world. It is Laurel Highlands Historical Villages intent that the our Mission offered to the community will result in building a more diversified, connected and stronger community for future generations -- johnstownwildfire
BACKGROUND and GOALS The Village will be focused on children and youth specifically. We will reach out to the community to find the resources necessary to enrich young people about their heritage. We will contact instructors, discussion leaders, educators, artists, musicians and leaders to name a few to support us in making the Village a success. LHHV envisions an Enrichment Day Camp where urban children and youth can come to the country to experience other ways of life. -- johnstownwildfire
When the Village is fully developed, it will include space for shops, merchants and artisans who will provide not only opportunities for purchases of ethnic foods, local crafts, and themebased merchandise - but also provide an additional educational opportunity for visitors to learn about the early life and commerce of the Highlands region and how it has shaped an important region in the history of the U.S. -- johnstownwildfire
We believe that this component, as well as the other features such as an actual working farm and the Villages open air environment, will position the Village to become a major tourist destination for much of the eastern seaboard of the United States, and thereby adding a new dimension to the local regions economy, much the same way other theme parks have done in other regions of the U.S. Finally, all will provide jobs and add to the workforce development of our community. -- johnstownwildfire
CREED We are a community born from the principles that every person can make a difference and that every moment matters. We further affirm that education is fun, learning should be something one is passionate about and knowledge should be presented in a manner that personally engages and stimulates the desire to learn all one can. In addition, we believe that we have a duty to preserve our world and its history, and, most importantly, its culture and ethnic diversity. We coordinate groups of children to help them discover and enhance their ethnic origins and personnel potentials -- johnstownwildfire
Sorry wrong video, I love your pictures -- sethandrews
This is a wonderful charming and very educational video. We love watching your videos. Why am I on here... -- Flood City Weather Team
Uploaded on 10/1/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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