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Flight 93 Remembered
Description: Some video and still shots from where flight 93 came down.

Date Taken: 9/29/2007
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City: Shanksville
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Yes we do remember -- BMB
No one could have known that, in the skies over Pennsylvania, the worlds of Hilda Marcin, of Thomas Burnett, of Christine Snyder, of Ziad Jarrah, would meet in a cataclysm of cool rage and desperate courage, as passengers tried to take back their airplane, all the time unaware that an Air Force jet, scrambled from a base in Virginia, was closing in with orders to shoot the plane down before it got to Washington, D.C. -- BeckyMarie
By the time United Flight 93 was in smoldering pieces in a field outside the Somerset County village of Shanksville, the F-16 was 14 minutes from the range at which it could have brought down the 757 with heat-seeking missiles -- BeckyMarie
Flight 93 became an asterisk to a day of horror that claimed almost 5,000 lives, toppled buildings that stood like a twin Colossus on the New York shore, took down one side of the Pentagon, and ushered in a war without rules against an enemy without a state -- BeckyMarie
What made Flight 93 different was a decision reached somewhere over the skies of Western Pennsylvania, after passengers learned on cell phones that they were likely to be flown into a building as the fourth in a quartet of suicide attacks. They decided to fight. -- BeckyMarie
They became the first casualties in a strange new combat against an enemy as old as hatred and as unclear as the muffled shouts and groans investigators would later hear on the cockpit voice recorder dug out of a reclaimed strip mine on a Pennsylvania hillside. -- BeckyMarie
Eight miles away in New Baltimore, Melanie Hankinson said she found singed papers and other light debris from the crash, including pages from Hemispheres Magazine, Uniteds in-flight magazine. Stoe said authorities initially insisted crash debris could not have traveled over a mountain ridge more than eight miles from the crash. Comment Secondary Debris floated miles away on this breeze. At the time of the crash But it did not do that at the Pentagon Crash Or other similar crashes -- BeckyMarie
Did Dan Rather mention this If you were here to see it, youd have no doubt, Decker said. It was a jet plane, and it had to be flying real close when that 757 went down. If I was the FBI, Id find out who was driving that plane. Late Thursday afternoon, federal agents who spoke to reporters at the crash site said there was no evidence as of yet that a second plane was nearby when Flight 93 plunged into a strip mine -- BeckyMarie
I pray that Americans never forget. So many people who live around here say that they saw 2 jets flying near flight 93 right before it went down. No matter what happened those on board will always be heros in my mind -- sethandrews
How can we forget -- maggiestone
We remember our friends and family who acted so bravely on this day. The knew the plane was going to be used as a weapon against our capitol. They acted the only way they could, the way any of us would had we been their. Yes we remember that day, and we pray that America never forgets that day. -- LHHV Weather Team
This is a wonderful and very educational video. We love watching your videos. I pray people never forget what happened -- Flood City Weather Team
RIP to those that lost their lives here .... -- hannah
Uploaded on 9/30/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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