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Wind Turbines Free Energy for the world
Description: Check this out the Ron an Jesse visit the local wind farm and discover just how big of a project these wind turbines can really be. You will also see just how big they really are.

Date Taken: 9/16/2007
Views: 7185
City: Blue Knob
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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We still find good video footage but come on the old people music, why put us through it.. -- jodimiller
More people should support wind energy, we chidren will have to live in a world of problems if we dont start today making some big changes. Why not look at other countries, they have for a long time used the wind to create energy. -- summersmarie
Has Jodi mentioned the music yet, if not I will. Please find some music that we can relate to. If any problems arise, I pled the fifth, and Jodi put me up to it. This is something, free energy and yet people feel that they are a big problem , why. Burning fossil fuel is not a big problem.. -- maggiestone
This is a great video ... you did really good work on this one. -- BeckyMarie
Ok tell us how they put all the parts together. Would high winds cause them to fall apart. Do they hurt wildlife at all. -- flowersforsara
Those are some questions we will ask the guy there when we get an official tour of the plant that makes them. -- weathermatrix
I have heard they can be dangerous to birds. -- mrkbell84
To answer you question. Yes and no yes if a bird were to fly into the propeller yes it would hurt the bird. But NO I dont think it hurts the birds. We were viewing more than 20 wind mills and we saw now evidence of any bird fatalities, no feathers nothing. We saw hawks flying around them, but not once did they try to land on them. Ok my thoughts, if we dont use wind power, fossel fuels being used as they are pollutes the very air we breath, and yes it does do harm to the earth. -- johnstownwildfire
Yeah there were no birds lying on the ground up there unless they pay someone to collect them. I think at the speeds we saw, it would be no problem but I could see a problem if they were going too fast for the birds to tell they were there. We`ll ask the guy that question too when we get the tour. -- weathermatrix
America wake up.... It is free energy, why is this so hard to handle -- jodimiller
I remember seeing three blades traveling on large trucks westbound on route 30 through Coatesville city about 1 week ago. Wind, Hydro Electric, and Solar are abundant renewable energy sources which are safe for us and the Earth. Some may argue Hydro Electric is environmentally disruptive to natural habitats though. Nuclear and fossil fuel energy produce harmful contaminates which are detrimental to our environment and climate. -- Raligard
While I wholeheartedly agree that this is an under-utilized source of electricity in the U.S., it is important to understand that not all areas of the country can benefit as much as others. Look at for additional information on this. My understanding is that power utilities will not consider constructing wind turbines in areas unless they are rated 4 or higher. Personal wind turbines, however, might be much more feasible for other areas of the country... -- KingKey
This is a wonderful charming and very educational video. We love watching your videos. We studenst feel that wind energy is a gift, its free so why not use it. We children have a say here it is our future... -- Flood City Weather Team
Uploaded on 9/17/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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