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Full Rolling fog bank with music
Description: This is the new and improved version of the rolling fog video. Here you can see the first clip which I forgot that Ihad so I spliced the two together to give you the full effect of this breath taking site. I hope you all enjoy the clip.

Date Taken: 8/8/2007
Views: 32018
City: Chickoree Summit
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Fantastic -- BeckyMarie
Thanks for the remake I love the music in the background. Your radio is really good, the music sounds so clear -- flowersforsara
The best gets better -- mikestreeservice
I sure am glad you found more of the video. -- davidmario
Ok R Factor you think the old I mean really old music to start your video here is going to get the attention of people... I dont think so... then you lead off into yet music that well it sounds like old music what did they call it flower child music or something. You need to learn to use a tripod... it would help... The wind sounds remind me of you nothing but wind.. hey we still love ya.. You know Im just jokin right. Really this is good stuff. -- jodimiller
Ok time to take this fog theroy to the next level.When you watch the video you see 2 very different fog banks,one on the ground and the one moving in towards us.Remember this is a time lapse,the white fog was forming well before the gray fog appears.My newest theroy could that of been basic fog growing well before gust front appears, it has to be because i saw it forming. But then the gust front rolls in and pushes the ground fog forward.This would explain why the fog stayed in perfect formation -- johnstownwildfire
Please let me know what you think, this is really buggin me a lot. -- johnstownwildfire
Now,, that is something i have never seen,,, and i have seen alot.. even been at ground zero at an f-4 touchdown.. very cool. -- starzfan31
This is a kickin video and yes very educational video. We love watching your videos. So do we have any clue as too why we have two fog banks here. R factor and Madman have really messed with our minds. -- Flood City Weather Team
Nice video, I see you like playing with the fonts in your program. -- hannah
Yea you do -- BMB
Very good work. What program are you using? -- PhotoSpots
Uploaded on 9/16/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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