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Morning sunrise set to music
Description: This sunrise is fantastic. It is highlighted by music, and birds. The birds were all over the place in the fields making all sorts of sounds. The farm nearby had the roosters sounding off. But check out the low level fog as it rolls by and at points you can see the sun turn the tops of these fog banks into a buring fire. A one hour video is compacted into a 2 min video, one that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling. We hope..

Date Taken: 9/15/2007
Views: 2942
City: Vinco
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Good video of the the power of the sun. -- tonykelly
Hey you buckin for Mr. Accuweather or what.. Na for real this is hot. I love how the sun turns the clouds aglow. Too bad their were no geese flying or deer walking, that would be the extra touch, kind of like a cherry on your float. The birds almost sound real, well I really cant tell. -- jodimiller
This is beautiful. I enjoyed it! -- diajanber
SUPER How did you do this... -- mikestreeservice
BEAUTIFULLLLLL -- missygirl1
To get the time lapse here I used Pinnicale software to edit the video itself and same program to speed it up but I had to do a 500 percent increse two times through the program to get it down to the time you see now. Sorry about the shaking I was holding the camera in my hand before I figured I could set camera on my car roof. -- johnstownwildfire
More old people music.... -- jodimiller
Very nice shot. I am impressed. -- BeckyMarie
This is a wonderful charming and very educational video. We love watching your videos. I could watch this one every morning -- Flood City Weather Team
Uploaded on 9/15/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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