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aug 23 storm best video of lightning
Description: Today was a huge storm, Jesse called me Madman said Go NORTH so north we went and we hit the mother load.

Date Taken: 8/23/2007
Views: 24512
City: carroltown
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Amazing -- tonykelly
Fantastic the lightning is on top of you and your still their. Storm chasing a tornado is one thing you can see it, lightning you have no clue where it will hit and their you sit right out in the open. More power to ya. -- BlueJay
This is wild, I just joined our weather team, and we are watching the videos here tonight. This video rocks, I mean here is Johnstownwildfire dude filming bolts of pure energy from heaven. This guy talking with him sounds like a real nut case, they both want to die. Oh ya I would love to see a tornado up close, I'll just sit here and watch it me up. Great video, by the way -- sandycrawford1
This is funny two guys out in a storm. The word is out on this video. And this guy on here talking about standing nearby while a tornado comes in. -- brendamills
This is a great video. Thanks! The bad words we can do without but this guy must be a local loon. -- moonbeam
Uploaded on 8/24/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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