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niagara falls at night
Description: Time lapse of river and falls

Date Taken: 8/13/2007
Views: 66804
City: niagara
State: new york
Country: United States
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Niagara Falls at night, what an awsum sight, one must see in person! This is a great Video, but in order to get the full effect, you just have to be there, aside this powerful force of water! You can actually feel the force against your body, with the powerful falls crashing over the edge to the bottom! GREAT Video, Thanx for sharing this with us all!!! Been there many times, and this facinates me every single time!!! -- archamrh
I wish the clip was a little longer, next time. I also noted that the falls seem to create this mini weather event around the falls. And in the winter the falls make the cities seem like a different world. Ice can be found over everything and thick ice forms as well. Anyone have any stories to tell about the falls. -- johnstownwildfire
Finally, a perfectly safe way to enjoy the falls. Excellent work! -- BMB
Hi I am part of Penns Woods Project. PWP is a club for any child who wants to join. I am in homeschcooling, and I want you to know that we thank you for sharing your picure with us. Just so you know your picture is being used educational needs. Children across the globe will be viewing yuor pictures. And we also encourage everyone to rate the pictures they view. This is one great picture.Thanks so much. -- jodimiller
This movie clip is powerful, Hey Jesse, does the falls change or effect the weather here in Niagara Falls. This would be a great blog to write about. -- jodimiller
ANother question if the air is like 5 degrees how com ethat fog does not turn to snow. When they make snow at the slopes, it comes out as water and turns to snow, so wh does it not happen here, same thing right. Please dont leave me hanging on this one. -- jodimiller
If the temperature is below freezing it will be freezing fog and will cause ice to appear on anything that it touches. I don`t think that conditions could exist for it to form snowflakes, but I can`t say for sure. -- weathermatrix
freezing fog right? If fog which is H20 freezes then it would fall down from the sky, they you would see no fog, unless it's being made at a constant rate by the falls at which rate we would see ice all over the place, on everything. Right? -- Hermoine
I've been there before just not at night. When I was little my family would go there a couple of times a month. I actually miss it, it is such an amazing place to visit. If you have not been there, you must go!!! -- Joesgirl917
Cool vid -- Steve Margala
Uploaded on 8/13/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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