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Fog Rolls UP Mountains Timelapse
Description: This is a really neat timelapse of unusual fog rolling up the mountain before severe thunderstorms hit. People on the road watching it approach were freaking out. See Jesse and Henry`s blogs for more info.

Date Taken: 8/9/2007
Views: 171113
City: Chickoree Mountain
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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This is one of the best action videos I have on record. I always thought lightning was the way to go but now after seeing this man am I wrong. Really when you least expect it the weather can do some really strange and wonderful things. -- johnstownwildfire
This is great -- BeckyMarie
Great stuff -- tonykelly
How did you do this. This looks like someone pouring liquid nitrogen down on the valley below -- Roxys
Do you see those birds. Right before the cloud hits the trees in front the birds can feel the cloud and they take of flying for their little lives -- flowersforsara
This was actually done with a relatively quick camera - Kodak Z710 - and Quicktime software. I will write a more detailed tutorial on my blog later, where I have featured this film tonight -- weathermatrix
What birds. I must need glasses , na just teasing the birds are crows and they had just landed in the tree sin front of m to the side of me behind me. Heck there was maybe over 1000 crows that were flying around, they landed and when the storm crested the last ridge there they all took off. Almost like this built in clock said hit the road jack. -- johnstownwildfire
I see the birds, this sir is a super super movie. I hope like you get a prize for it or something. -- jodimiller
All I can say is ....FREAKIN awsome -- MWhit
I used to live in Ebensburg, and views like this over on Chickoree Hill are something I miss a lot. I have lived in Michigan for the last 40 years, and I still miss the mountains and the views like this! Great photography! -- bobduman
Very unusual and very cool. -- depthdose
Hey the fog keeps getting pushed around... it is way better than the lightning -- jodimiller
Hi I am part of Penns Woods Project. PWP is a club for any child who wants to join. I am in homeschcooling, and I want you to know that we thank you for sharing your picure with us. Just so you know your picture is being used educational needs. Children across the globe will be viewing yuor pictures. And we also encourage everyone to rate the pictures they view. This is one great picture.Thanks so much. -- jodimiller
Ron has uploaded a new, longer version set to music at that also has an explanation. -- weathermatrix
That type of Fog is called upslope fog!!! It happens when the T equals Td and since it is going up the mountain the td is the same going up following the Lapse Rate of the Adiabat. -- asdasd01
I want to thank each of you on this web site for helping our children. This is Jodis mother,her teacher and best friend. As we contiune to grow and bring more children to photo site, undersatnd that your pictures are helping children across the globe to further their education. Your picture has been chosen for studenst to study and give comments. Most will look at picture and just give answer to their teacher. After a week we will have a meterologist from accuweather give answer -- jodimiller
Thanks asdasd01 but what is Adiabat. -- flix
Very very cool. Reminds me of the fog burning off as it descends the east side of Twin Peaks in San Francisco... kind of the reverse of this as the eye sees it. This is more fearsome though. -- rando
Again after effect of UFO's in the region. -- BlueJay
I Love this video! -- miketarg
Most of the unusual weather we encounter in Oklahoma is of a violent nature. This, however, is of an almost scary nature. How did you happen to be in the right place at the right time? -- VWfan
Reminds me of the fog over the Golden Gate Bridge with the supports poking through the tops, and the poetry of T S Eliot: 'the fog creeps in on little cat feet' -- john.rhoads
Wow! It's like a fog tsunami! Very cool. -- HurricaneGirl
Wow! It's like a fog tsunami! Very cool. -- HurricaneGirl
it does look like a huge wave!!!!no no -- NASCATfan11
i would RUN!! jeeeze -- avenitup
Looks like a time lapse, but this is real time. Fantastic -- Lincoln Train Museum Team
Awesome, absolutely awesome! -- Glorfindel_1
Uploaded on 8/10/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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