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R Factor sees his life flash before his eyes
Description: In this clip I was watching the progressing storm off to my east and then Jesse calls me and we talk but then something in the dark hit me and I was scared - I thought it was a tornado right in front of me. At the very end of the clip you can see me rushing to get into my car but for a breif moment you can see a green strip running up and down, this is what I saw roating towards me. Afterwards I figured it out the storm front hit the mountain and was pushing the dense fog upwards towards me. Anyway I lost my marbles.

Date Taken: 8/8/2007
Views: 2020
City: Chickoree Mountain
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Since I know Ron, I am allowed to laugh at this one. Storm chasing at night is sometimes scary and dangerous because you can`t see what`s coming at you, and here in the East you may not be able to get away from it due to bad roads and mountains, and you may not be able to take cover due to lack of ditches or underground shelters. I always fear seeing a tornado when lightning lights up the sky. -- weathermatrix
This is some funny stuff at the end -- BeckyMarie
This is Funny but at least your alive, you risk your life for those of us who come here to enjoy the stuff you do. -- flowersforsara
Funny heck it would of been more funny to see it hit closer.. Hi I am part of Penns Woods Project. PWP is a club for any child who wants to join. I am in homeschcooling, and I want you to know that we thank you for sharing your picure with us. Just so you know your picture is being used educational needs. Children across the globe will be viewing yuor pictures. And we also encourage everyone to rate the pictures they view. This is one great picture.Thanks so much. -- jodimiller
Uploaded on 8/10/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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