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skymate shows how hot your car is
Description: Thanks to my skymate it will show you the dangers of leaving animals children etc attended in your car during a hot summer day

Date Taken: 8/3/2007
Views: 1935
City: Chickorre mountain
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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very good I give you a 5 -- jodimiller
The difference between haze and fog is that haze is dust or smoke particulates or ozone, while fog is always water vapor. Smog is dense haze, according to WikiPedia But why is smog worse in the summer? The - Weather For Dummies - book that I have says that smog - thick haze - forms as a result of ozone forming from sunlight interacting with the pollution particles, therefore more sunlight, more smog. -- weathermatrix
Great example of how heat in a car can be deadly. I too once stuck a thermometer in my car and measured 155 - if I recall correctly. There is some interesting information on this site - That site says that cracking the windows didn`t make much difference. I wonder if we could confirm that with our own experiments, of course we`d have to make sure we did it in the same sun/cloud conditions and time/dates. -- weathermatrix
Uploaded on 8/4/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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