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Evil Cat
Evil Cat
Description: It`s real. Star just happened to yawn as I was taking the picture. This is one of my favorite photos.

Date Taken: 6/28/2006
Views: 428915
City: State College
*ApertureValue: 3.4
*ISOSpeedRatings: 80
Zipcode: 16801
Country: United States
*ShutterSpeedValue: 6.3
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Classic Comments
Beware of Half a Hitler! -- weaderman
Ha ha ha. He is so funny looking. My cats look like that when they yawn. -- desmo100
A-ten-hut! -- spitzbergler
Very good smiley -- joker.joker
How funny! and scary! -- clearskyes
See I told you just like R FActor pushing a kitten into mug thing and here we go you caused the cat to go freaky for some unknown reason not listed why. Why cant you tell the world the truth. Trust me I love this picture, but the poor cat looks like it is going to attack someone, is R factor their he has this way with cats. -- jodimiller
As I said in the description, it`s only a yawn - no cats were harmed in the taking of this photo. -- weathermatrix
That dont look like no yawn to me. That look slike hisssss. This is one bad lookin dude. Star must rule the house. -- missygirl1
some crazy yawn palyke -- palyke
Holy cow! It is evil devil cat... -- BMB
Love it. And to all you suspicious souls it is true that cat yawns frozen at the right instant can look ferocious. But thank you for caring enough about animals to comment. Purrs from the kilnkat where cats and clay collide -- kilnkat
My cat rules -- jodimiller
Dont worrie little buddy we will get you a friend to keep you company. Cats are like really good for something, ok so they cant get your morning paper or your slippers etc. but hey really how many dogs do oyu know that can really get the paper, most dogs see paper and pee on it and the slippers ok another chew toy so dont give me the line about a dog doing all these wonders... Cats catch mice and rats and rodents and do a lot of licking, cats self bath dogs dont self bath well kind of but not we -- jodimiller
Good morning my little one, fear not you will not be alone much longer. We see you took care of the birdie, good cat. -- jodimiller
Hi I am part of Penns Woods Project. PWP is a club for any child who wants to join. I am in homeschcooling, and I want you to know that we thank you for sharing your picure with us. Just so you know your picture is being used educational needs. Children across the globe will be viewing yuor pictures. And we also encourage everyone to rate the pictures they view. This is one great picture.Thanks so much. -- jodimiller
Hi Star Bright, we got you a buddy to keep you company, maybe I am trying. So tell us have you had any good fish, you must know, they tell us humans to watch the fish we eat becuase is has Iodine in it, well what about you and your kin folk... -- jodimiller
Really super picture. Ok we need your help PLEASE. If you have any pictures past present or future, please consider the following. If your picture or video can aide students in their education, please add to the tag under that picture the word educational. We are going to tell studenst nationwide to come here for support etc. and use the word educational to find pictures and videos. We also want others to vote on the pictures you see. In the end it helps everyone, and moreso its a good gesture -- jodimiller
This is a cute picture good job -- ClassyKrisann
Hi little buddy, sorry to see your all alone on the front page again. -- jodimiller
My little buddy.. I hear some people are trying to give you a new name. Who in the world would ever call you star bright... how bout stardom or stary or starkie or starimious ....Hi Jesse can she have babbies or did you like do something to her with out her permission. I forget its a girl right... -- jodimiller
A clever picture, but why describe Star as evil. Star is a cat being a cat. The description of Star as evil says more about the human than about the cat. Rev. Carl Bowers -- cbowers
would have to take my kitty to the vet if she looked like that. just imagine if the cats face got stuck that way... wow. -- starzfan31
Here kitty kitty -- hannah
Have you thought of putting the cat into the movies? She could have a wonderful career in horror films ... -- BeckyMarie
How do we get your cat back, wh oin their right mind, no they have NO mind we miss our cat we want our cat .. we want our cat .. we want our cat -- karentoth
This cat wishes to be free, cats used to be free then mankind changed the whole program. -- tonykelly
My buddy Great you passed the dog, loser -- jodimiller
Keep an eye open at all times he is just around the corner. My cat he is bad. -- jodimiller
Hey Star , star jr. needs company. -- jodimiller
You guys were right about this picture, this cat is down with it -- womansfury
Sadly, Star has lost one of his fangs about 14 months after this picture was taken, we`re not sure how, it just popped out. So, I`m glad I took this picture. He is going on 13 and has Diabetes - two shots per day - so it could be old age or diabetes-related. -- weathermatrix
No worries matrix, cats lose their teeth all the time. Not sure withs Stars age if this one grows back unfortunately. I would definitely have her other teeth and gums checked for disease though. Great shot !! -- mlammy
Star you have given star jr. enought fame, time to take back your throne -- jodimiller
This cat.......she seems to draw quite a crowd!!! Cats r cool -- etgibson
You are like the best, I love your eyes, your smile is deadly, your toes are powerful... -- natasha
You should take a new picture of her tooth being missing, poor baby -- natasha
Welcome back to the high life. -- flix
Trying to bring aide to our friend we love you -- tabby
Hello Mr. ftogrf, just to let you know we happen to love cats. Also notice the the kitten with no name yet and Star have been voted into the Madman snow team, as the mascots. It came to me in a dream, these cats are good luck and will bring us snow. By the way it is a pleasure to see you back on line. -- jodimiller
What a riot.............I really believe some cats definitely do have a sense of humor, incredible timing and a fondness for doing wacky also takes a GOOD photog to always be ready to catch the unexpected shot........ -- CrisCat
PURRfect. I do see a little tartar buildup though, maybe she or he is trying to tell you something. No. 1 Catlover -- lorikatco
This is why I own a dog -- tppycp
I love this picture. -- LRIVEY81
She looks like Jack Nickleson in The Joker!! -- dimndx2
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.evil kitty!!!Oh oh!!!Hw'a eating me right now!!!Aaaaaaaaah!!!!Lol just kidding! Ha ha cute. -- NASCATfan11
No offense but what does this have to do with weather -- shana09
Shana, the cat has allergies.LOL -- slicknick
Uploaded on 6/29/2006
by weathermatrix
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