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Is it Fog or is it Smoke or both
Is it Fog or is it Smoke or both
Description: I know the answer but lets see what you all think.

Date Taken: 7/6/2009
Views: 536
City: Yellow Creek
*ApertureValue: 4.97085571289063
*ISOSpeedRatings: 400
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
*ShutterSpeedValue: 6.96578979492188
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Ill take a wild stab at it... FOG? -- OnMyBalcony
Ok let me add a few more details. 1. Its evening 2. Small river up the valley 3. Campground up valley also -- johnstownwildfire
From the mind of a child comes the following answer.... neither, I think it is mist. In my studies I find that mist is not fog nor is it smoke and is formed when the dew point is higher than the mean temp. Also note if it was fog, would the fog not be the length of the valley, seeing how a rive ror creek should follow the valley basin out to the lake. There is a pocket of trapped air in the valley causing this effect. -- jodimiller
It is supernatural. I have been saying for years, troubled souls come awake in the evening and this is how they can be seen. -- Kazoo
Campground camp fires has too be -- BMB
Fog NO doubt in my mind -- summersmarie
Hard to say, could be either, but given it's evening in summer on what looks like a sunny day, I`d have to say smoke. It`s really hard to get fog in the evening this time of year unless it's cloudy and raining. -- weathermatrix
Isnt it funny how different our minds perceive a single image? And here I was thinking it was early morning, the sun barely coming over the mountains edge, fog illuminating from the valley or river below. But NOW that I know it is evening and there is a campground up the river, I say Smoke. -- OnMyBalcony
Ok it can be fog. When we go camping on the lake at yellow creek I always see fog forming on the top of the water. Or could it be both a combination of fog and smoke. Also if it is smoke why is it not going stright up in the air. -- JimmyM
Uploaded on 7/6/2009
by johnstownwildfire
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