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lightning strike 300 yards close 1
lightning strike 300 yards close 1
Description: This was by far the closest strike I have ever shot. It caught me off guard, big time. I had ringing in my ears, my eyes hurt from looking at the strike dead on, and I lost a few years of my life. But it was a huge rush..

Date Taken: 5/28/2009
Views: 66587
City: chickaree summit
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Nice shot, never saw a bolt that fat before! -- wasatchfront weather team
If it were me I would of been hiding under the car. Your Nuts, you stayed to film more. -- jodimiller
johnstownwildfire: Which model, brand, video camera and photography can i acquire to shoota and films Lightings? because i damage 2 video cameras and 2 Celular phones or someone can help me? thanks -- osd4815
omygosh that is insaine! that is the biggest bolt of lightening ive ever seen -- ccrbtulsa69
DANG! -- memmieo
Yikes! Great shot! -- Bonnie
I have had them hit the light poles in parking lots I was standing in several times before. Sounds like a cannon going off right beside your head. Once I could even feel the hairs on my arms standing up right before the strike. Crazy feeling, but GREAT pic. -- Khatulu
osd4815 you ask what type of camera should one use, wow thats a loaded question. I use a canon rebel, it allows me to shoot with an open shutter for long periods of time. Not to mention its just a really good camera. The best time to shoot lighning is at night, this way you can shoot from 30 sec or longer. -- johnstownwildfire
Way too coooool... Hey you could of been toast. -- jodimiller
Most likely, it hit the power lines, which are made to take the charge. But we are still not sure. I have done a blog entry on this where you can see maps and read more about the placement of the strike at -- weathermatrix
You must have had to change the underpants after this one huh... -- tomrcaseyiv
at first sigh it seems that is one ray of light but one ray have many rays is amazing!!! -- yei10
Outstanding photography -- Steve Margala
The best of 2009! Great job, stay safe! -- timpeters
Incredible. thanks for Loving me! -- mushies
The question is which is close and bigger yours or Jesses -- sandywhite
Uploaded on 5/29/2009
by johnstownwildfire
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