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lightning strike really close chickaree
Description: Ok I was filming my 2nd thunderstorm of the season really late this year... Anyway This strike was the closest strike I`ve ever fimed. It hit a tree and shooting range right in front of me. 400 yards away. My head is still ringing and I can`t hear very well.

Date Taken: 5/28/2009
Views: 93988
City: chickaree summit
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Amazing Lighting -- osd4815
Awesome! Hands down, best lightning strike you`ve got yet. That must have been no more than 1-4th mile away! -- weathermatrix
That was awesome!! -- benthebug
Were still trying to find the hit itself. Its hard to see but right at the point of strike is a patch of woods on a steep hillside. Next week plan to walk this area hoping to find the strike. The question I have is did it hit the power lines and not show no damage. If anyone has any thoughts here please let us know. -- johnstownwildfire
Ok how in the world can a strike this huge hit and leave no marks. I think you need to call in the J Show and Henry the Madman of weather to help you out. -- jodimiller
Most likely, it hit the power lines, which are made to take the charge. But we are still not sure. I have done a blog entry on this where you can see maps and read more about the placement of the strike at -- weathermatrix
Hi Ron, Great video! By the way the Electric tower lines are designed to take lightning strokes. If you look closely at a structure you will see several wires. The very top wire is called the shield wire and is bonded to the steel tower. The steel tower and foundation create a low resistance path to ground. The insulators on the other 3 power wires allow the tower to take a lightning hit yet the electric power stays on. Hope this helps! -- Daniel
wow dat is some awesome imagery -- jcfollower25
quite a bolt, when you did it in slow motion did you see it went up instead of down-artbyscott -- artbyscott
Great lighting and capture. But take a look at the bus on the left at the moment of the lighting, it completely disappeared. How can you explain that? Maybe you cut filming and started again. Anyway, good catch! -- Richongo
Good catch, Im ising pinnicale for my movie editting. Anyway what it doe from time to time when I upload to pinniclae it will drop frames. This was the case. The bus is their way before the strike even hits. I checked and I uploaded the master and it indeed drops frames, about 67, which is a problem. But the bus is past the strike when i thit. -- johnstownwildfire
I saw this on our local weather station. Jodi said your looking for God. -- summersmarie
Most lighting bolts that contact the ground do go from the ground up. -- Chris Arceneaux
Talk about in the right spot at the right time, huh? -- galindofish
that. was. amazing.....hope you had a change of -- lilbit
Interesting Movie!!! -- Bozo
this video never seems to get old! - nice catch Ron. -- wesphotos
Fantastic! -- Beck
Amazing very cool -- eddyc
Uploaded on 5/28/2009
by johnstownwildfire
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