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Orionid meteor shower right side
Orionid meteor shower right side
Description: The Orionid meteor shower is the second of two showers that occur each year as a result of Earth passing through dust released by Halley`s Comet, with the first being the Eta Aquarids. The point from where the Orionid meteors appear to radiate is located within the constellation Orion. The Orionids generally begin on October 15 and end on October 29, with maximum generally occurring during the morning hours of October 20-22. The Orionids are barely detectable on the beginning and ending dates, but observers in the Northern Hemisphere will see around 20 meteors per hour at maximum, while observers in the Southern Hemisphere will see around 40 meteors per hour. The maximum can last two or three nights, although there is evidence of some fluctuation from year to year. There are other, weaker meteor showers going on around the same time as the Orionids. The Orionids generally appear to move fast. When you see a meteor, mentally trace it backwards. If you end up at Orion then you have probably seen an Orionid meteor!

Date Taken: 10/24/2008
Views: 689
City: JOhnstown
*ApertureValue: 4.97085571289063
*ISOSpeedRatings: 800
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
*ShutterSpeedValue: -2147483648
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Uploaded on 10/24/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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