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Funnel Cloud on Oak Island
Funnel Cloud on Oak Island
Description: On the morning of August 6, 2005, between 9:00 and 9:10 a.m., a funnel cloud formed over Long Beach, NC. I was at 2513 W. Beach Dr. and it looked to be a mile or so away so it was probably close to the end of the island, maybe over the sound. It was observed to my northwest. We were just packing our cars to leave so all my photo equipment was fogged up due to bringing it out in the humidity, but I managed to snap a few shots. The funnel became rain-wrapped as the storm moved away. As I travelled northeast and the storm moved northwest, the clouds looked very black and scary to my west. A low rainbow formed across the western end of the island. I have good luck with funnel clouds on vacation. I observed a funnel cloud on Oak Island on vacation in 2004 and just missed a waterspout there in 2003 by leaving 90 minutes early, so I was amused to see one again this year! See for more photos and radar loops. This photo is obviously of low quality - it was taken by my old 2 MP camera, then enhanced for contrast to show the funnel better. Even though the quality is low, I have labeled this Best Of because it`s only the second funnel cloud I have ever shot.

Date Taken: 8/6/2005
Views: 33100
City: Oak Island
State: north carolina
Country: United States
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No excuses needed to place it with your Best Of: It would be very exciting to witness something like this, so your enthusiasm is much appreciated. By the way, you have a good eye for form. Your pastel houses and the pelican over the cloud are very striking. -- TLC
Uploaded on 8/9/2005
by weathermatrix
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