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Too close for comfort
Too close for comfort
Description: 30 sec exp. You can see the lightning hitting on three differnt hills

Date Taken: 6/26/2008
Views: 100227
City: chickaree summit
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Is that fog or smoke from lightning Great picture -- melindapeterson
How did you take this picture? Good job and thanks -- brendamills
beautiful picture! -- missmarisa
I dream that one time I could shoot such photography! Great! Congratulations! -- perAdrian
Fantastic shot! Look how the clouds seem to be lowering down towards the earth and yet the lightning plows right through. -- billy
Fantastic Lightning! Power from the heavens above. -- abby
I had some time tonight to look over this picture, as far as the location of lightning hitting the hills. The bolt up front and to our left I'm 90 percent sure it hit the power line which is at this point. To verify I looked at a topographic map and sure enough it's there. The other two strikes have power lines as well but I'm only about 80 percent sure here. I called the power company and they claim that the power lines get hit a lot. -- johnstownwildfire
Great shot! -- HurricaneGirl
Beautiful and dramatic shot! The energy in a storm like this is amazing. -- larryedit
Very nice -- Stoked Forever
Terrifyingly beautiful -- clinton
Uploaded on 6/27/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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