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Sometimes You Get Lucky
Sometimes You Get Lucky
Description: I`ve been shooting Quicktime movies for 2 years with my Kodak Z650 and I never got lightning this close, until tonight. This was taken from my front porch. I`ll have a slo-mo movie of it online soon. Now, I won`t argue that you can get better lightning pics with long exposures, but you can`t beat the convenience of throwing an all-auto Quicktime camera on the porch.

Date Taken: 6/10/2008
Views: 179838
City: State College
State: pennsylvania
Zipcode: 16801
Country: United States
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He may say luck, but yes we have some skilled mixed in. I was to the southwest of this storm again, and again, the J Show captures this fantastic shot. Please note this is on massive strike, not a long time exp. The other point I want to make is the lightning is hitting the ground in 3 locations we can see, also note the hill in the background s about 10 to 12 miles away from the strike closest to you. great Job. -- johnstownwildfire
Awesome lighting picture,very nice shot. -- triangulum
Great shot! I looked at the movie and it shows the brightest strike in the center taking several frames to dissipate completely. -- trueservant
excellent shot there Jesse. sometimes you get lucky like that. yet to catch a strike like that yet -- DSGaccuwx898
Nice light show, good job -- Weatherornot
It should be in the top 10 -- brendamills
This is a wonderful display of beauty and power, one that one day I pray mankind can put to good use. -- abby
It's the fact that the picture shows lightning so close to the shooter. -- frog
Great shot! -- racefan74
Super shot again. Here's the deal if you take pictures of storms, the odds are that your bound to get that perfect strike. Sure you have to take like a million shots first but hey who's counting. -- johnstownwildfire
I looked at their topographic map here to give you a closer measurement, on the lightning spread. OK, from the point forward to the hill in the back ground as a bird flies is about 9 to 10 miles. -- johnstownwildfire
VERY NICE! I shoot this way too but mine never come out worth a darn if I blow them up. I just noticed this photo is about the same size as I get without blowing it up. I will have to post some of mine in this size. -- MrParts
This is the most perfect picture for a weather website. Congratulations! -- sigrid
WOW! This is a stunning shot! Not only luck is involved - at least the same amount of skill! Simply fantastic! -- junebug
This is a stunning shot I 2nd that Its a 5 all the way -- Mocks Greenhouse Team
I love the pic. I was hit by lightening and still suffer some consequences of it 15 years later... I hope you remain lucky and the pics are as close as you get to it or it gets to you. -- NotSoTweetOne
Wow just wow. -- wolf969
this splendid!!!!! -- yei10
This is a award winning photo. -- nickxx
You are very lucky, or you are friendly with nature.Nice photo. -- nikola
Scary but Beautiful,Very Nice Work... -- crimsontalons
Ive been trying to take a lighting pciture like this for a couple of years with no luck Great picture -- fotokid
Perfect timing -- Crzyclouds
WOW - beautiful! -- PhotoShot
Uploaded on 6/10/2008
by weathermatrix
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