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Unusual Cloud Formations
Unusual Cloud Formations

Date Taken: 4/11/2006
Views: 8105
City: Wellsboro
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Awesome clouds! some of them look like skeleton fingers. -- wasatchfront weather team
Altocumulus undulatus at their best. I love it! -- HurricaneGirl
Nicely captured in this beautiful sky! HurricaneGirl, what a show-off -wink- -- larryedit
I am very impressed by these unique couds. -- spitzbergler
Very impressive -- triangulum
Thank you! And thank you HurricaneGirl! I learned something new! -- chiaramonte
Never seen that cloud pattern before, nice image -- Weatherornot
Beautiful shot of these unusual cloud formations! -- junebug
Uploaded on 5/21/2008
by chiaramonte
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