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Waxing Moon
Waxing Moon
Description: The new waxing moon shining.

Date Taken: 1/13/2008
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City: Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal
Country: Ireland
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Nice shot! Mare Criscium is the large round crater, formed by impact. Astronomers call it a Mare, or Sea. Some structures this size have a higher rim and are called Walled Plain. This is old but not the oldest. The rims and mountains are gradually worn down by meteor impacts over the 4.5 Billion years of the Moon. That's a Thousand Million in the US. We wanted to be different from the Brits! Coincidentally, The Moon is at about this phase as I post this, 8:16 AM UT -- lunar-tic
Great shot! We have so many pictures in common, it is almost spooky, and we have the same first name! I really enjoy viewing your gallery. Keep up the good work. -- CColor
Very nice shot! God gives us so much to enjoy! -- andyman
Uploaded on 1/15/2008
by happycolours
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