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Trees holding sun up
Trees holding sun up
Description: Trees holding up our sun

Date Taken: 1/13/2008
Views: 2490
City: Beaverdale
*ApertureValue: 6.33984375
*ISOSpeedRatings: 400
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
*ShutterSpeedValue: 9.96578979492188
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What an interesting shot! Great timing, wildfire! -- larryedit
Ok this is a good shot why? -- jodimiller
Several reasons, Jodi. 1. It has a very unusual color scheme for a sunset. It makes it strongly suggest winter. 2. A graphic index of the trees pointing to the sun, which leads to... 3. visual irony - the trees can't actually touch the sun, but they do here. 4. Graphic index of the light in the clouds at left and right point to the sun mounted in the trees. Do folks with photographic education have any more reasons? -- larryedit
Larry well put.. -- JimmyM
Thanks Larry, we have some children who want to learn, what you and I consider common sense, young children have no clue. Mind you I took this picture while I was driving down the highway.. Yes Jodi I was driving somewhat on the wild side, but it was worth it. Larry is dead on, the picture has a lot of good elements, not just one. I coul dof croped the picture but then your taking away from the fun contrast of the sun not only upon the tree line but the outter edges of the clouds and fields. -- johnstownwildfire
The picture has so many questions, as if it is showing us a story of sorts. Why do people take pictures of sunsets with the rays and bright sun, this picture I like it is showing us a picture of the sun as it stay low in the winter, trying with every ray to warm the earth. -- HayleyR
Uploaded on 1/14/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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