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Sunset in January 7
Sunset in January 7
Description: They call this a sunset in winter, only problem is we have no snow, heck we have mild temps pushing 60

Date Taken: 1/7/2008
Views: 276482
City: Johnstown
*ApertureValue: 8
*ISOSpeedRatings: 100
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
*ShutterSpeedValue: 8.96578979492188
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nice picture -- gator
Super picture -- mikewilson
Wow - There is so much interest in that shot! The background clouds are cool, yet even better with the foreground clouds overlapping them and the sun as well. Thanks for showing! -- larryedit
I love this picture, the sunset here seems to hold your attention. Why is the sky in the background like this? -- Roxys
The best sunset, picture perfect -- jodimiller
BEAUTIFUL -- karentoth
Couls very well be the best sunset we have ever seen anywhere -- South Fork Weather Team
I am back to view it again - staggered by its beauty. -- larryedit
Expresive Sunset athmosphere, with passing clouds and the Sun like one King ! -- perAdrian
How awesome is this picture! Nice! I'd love to have this in an oil painting! -- robeezgirl
Can anyone explain why the sky looks like that in the background? Great picture! We looked at it in our art class today, our teacher said it is one of the best sunsets she has ever seen on film -- missygirl1
I love this sunset picture. -- davidmario
Check out the grass in front of the sun. This picture is fantastic on so many levels. -- maryannmills
Great work, thanks for sharing. -- brittneys
Excellent! Relaxes the mind. -- scott4tnee
beautiful photo -- magnumlady
This sunset rocks! -- HayleyR
I have to add, it looks like the earth has greenhouse gases on the outer limits,which glow, and our sun is this inner sun that is just above our earth. Almost like the ship in a bottle. -- HayleyR
This really is a super picture. We looked at it in school last week, yes we did. We were in history class and we were talking about the big bang, and I showed the class this picture, and yes indeed it is the big bang. My teacher said that the back ground could be contrails that have faded into the sky line causing the effect. I say it is UFO related. -- BlueJay
I love your sunset! -- jodimiller
Hello everyone, you too can have your picture on this web site. Join today, and if you wish consider building your own weather team. View Kids Weather on for more information -- jodimiller
The best I have ever seen. This picture is worth a lot, not money but the warmth it gives when you cast upon it's beauty. -- candycane
I find myself looking long and deep into this picture. Fantastic! -- bookworminjohnstown
This has to TOP all the sunset shots -- GORGEOUS!!!! -- flowerchild
This is a very beautiful sunset. Many children take pictures of sunsets, but many go un-noticed. People of the world take notice, children are people too. -- jodimiller
I have been meaning to mention this fact, I took the picture and I don't see no moon, unless I'm on Saturn looking out at an orange moon. Larry in a way your right but you know we could be talking astronomy, the sun is in space... But your dead on I see no moon. And I am confused by the statement sesack made ...Ok the clouds ... never mind I will confuse myself on this one. -- johnstownwildfire
Flowerchild is dead on! This picture rocks. -- Brianna
Dead on it rocks! -- sandysoe
GREAT JOB -- judylong
I love this picture, the sun looks like it's right on top of us. -- jimmythunder
Super Sunset -- judymack
Amazing. That's all i know what to say. -- accuweatheraddict
Check this out, this is our art project for today. -- tabbysimms
No words for this amount of beauty. Great capture. -- CColor
Wow, VERY nice. No, gorgeous even! What kind of camera did you use and which pre-settings? -- Brendasoest
Daaa v nature zaebis fotka... Oxuenno!!! -- Helior
This could be by far the best sunset picture we have ever seen. -- team-alberta
When i see pictures like this, i always think: Oh, God, how great art Thou! -- Tjallyleo
This sunset is the best on accuweather, I have looked at many on here some come close, but this sunset is, well it seems to come to life when you look long at hard within. -- abby
Looks like a painting, off the wall fantastic -- singer
Thanks all for the great comments. I to look at this sunset as it does seem to have a life of it's own. People say that a picture of a sunset is just another sunset, well I know that every sunset is different in the way it looks and touches the soul. -- johnstownwildfire
Truly a nice picture. however i am sorry to say but it looks like it was either taken using some kind of filter or there was modifications done via photo shop or something, it just seems very dark for the Sun to be up that high. But it was good enough for me to set it as a background for my PC. Nice job. -- Primus
I used to live in Johnstown, so when I came across your picture my heart melted! Gorgeous, thanks! -- Amywhere
Perfection! -- samiwest
WOW, what a beautiful sunset and it is in my home state of Pennsylvania too. -- Lexi
Gotta love the color of a beautiful sunset. -- rene_ray2
Thanks for the comments.. The photo was shot as you see it. I used no photo shop at all on the picture. Using my canon I shot the picture at a speed of 4000. This would explain the dark area in the front. I feel that a great picture can be captured with no art added touch ups, some people feel that photo shops are a way of life, not me. Also note no filter was used. -- johnstownwildfire
Awesome,Beautiful,amazing -- horse lover
truly amazing! -- trinitysmom
Beautiful! The best sunset photo I have ever seen! -- AnGRyMAn
Just when I needed a new desktop, how did you know. briliant and thanks for sharing. -- wolf969
hi is beatiful ur pic the sunset is wonderful -- yei10
That is just unreal. Incredible. -- futureweatherman12
that is wonderful photo.... can you send it to me so Printed and put it on a frame.... -- ivan1195
This is the greatest sunset I have ever seen -- marcie808
Wonderful sunset, great photo! -- nikola
google for chemtrails, and you can see more pictures of this -- chemtrail2009
Beautiful. Thanks -- ironman
Beautiful!! -- rachelhope26
What beauty!!! -- Team Portage
Love this one! -- rhyainne
Uploaded on 1/8/2008
by johnstownwildfire
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