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The clouds seem to speak
The clouds seem to speak
Description: As the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack approaches, a test of the Tribute in Light Memorial illuminates a passing cloud above lower Manhattan. The twin towers of light, made-up of 44 searchlights near Ground Zero, are meant to represent the fallen twin towers of the World Trade Center. Depending on weather conditions, the columns of light can be seen for at least 20 miles around the trade center complex. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Public Affairs 2nd Class Mike Hvozda

Date Taken: 12/11/2007
Views: 958244
City: New York City
State: new york
Country: United States
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I pray that we never forget, anyway look at the clouds above. I love how the lights make them glow. -- jodimiller
Wow! Reality sometimes looks unreal. Great photo. -- Windryder
We miss you all, and we will never forget -- Thunder
I was at ground zero when they attacked us. To watch it on TV is one thing but to be their when it happened, I can't even explain it in words. -- chisim
So Cool -- happycolours
Great reminder huh? -- missygirl1
America's wake up call -- davidmario
You should all check out the new buildings going in this spot. HUGE Great picture! -- maryannmills
How can we ever forget that day! -- brittneys
They say you can see the lights from space looking down towards earth. -- brittneys
Breathtaking photo! -- hanahut
WOW!!! Awesome!! Please continue to pray for the SAFE return of all of our friends in uniform!!! -- mvjhow
Brings a tear in one eye for sadness the other eye another tear for the rebirth. Check out the rebirth site on web, great job on rebuilding. -- bookworminjohnstown
So give us your thoughts, what does this picture do for you? In many ways for me It is saying freedoom! -- jodimiller
it looks like in the movie Blues Brothers. God gives you a sign .... nice shot -- ls88898
Nice photo but what bothers me is: All that energy being used - it comes from electricity produced by burning oil sold by Saudi Arabia whose sons destroyed the Twin Towers. -- viewfromhere
viewfromhere good point, I am upset that they redid the design for new buildings , the 1st design had windmills in main tower of building which would of produced 80 percent of the electricity needed for all building at world trade center. -- johnstownwildfire
Wonderful shot. -- Indigo Lilley
Beautiful! -- Dawnflash
Wow, does anyone know if the buildings are being rebuilt yet? -- mindyflann
Sure, it looks nice, but burning more fossil fuel and in turn killing the planet a little faster is hardly a fitting tribute to the dead. -- Andross999
Does America think it won't happen again, are we ready for a battle on our home turf? -- sunray
America Please never forget! -- vickiearunt
Has anyone ever been inside these towers before they were blown up? Can someone tell us how big they really were? -- cindymock
Touching...... -- sandycrawford1
Tears are running down my cheeks right now. Magnificent shot. -- Uruguayo
WOW and AWESOME CAPTURE! -- goadk123
Remembrance-love but also truth Id suggest the movie Zeitgeist to everyone it opens your eyes to a lot of things -- bmee6141
Breathtaking. Kind of makes you wonder: Are the lights illuminating the Heavens? Or... -- TheBritestStar1
It must be very depressing to see everything as an opportunity to make a political statement! What ever happened to just enjoying the beauty of something for what it is, and not a soap box moment. Do you remember when you were a child and seeing something amazing didn't trigger an opportunity to display ones moral stance. Did you not celebrate the 4th of July because fireworks make smoke? Sometimes, allow your eyes to see beauty, instead of fogging over with self righteousness. -- johnnypelos
Superb! -- Brendasoest
"They say you can see the lights from space looking down towards earth." Exactly why I think this is awful. More light pollution is JUST what NYC needs. Does anyone there remember the stars? -- Lintilla
It look as though the lights are coming down from the heavens! That is an awesome tribute! Please remember to pray for the families of the taken! -- vivi44266
What we have to remember is that no matter how dark a day gets, the sun is always shining on the other side of the clouds. -- mekanicman1
What ever happened to just enjoying the beauty of something for what it is, and not a soap box moment. I so agree johnnypelos. Absolutely beautiful shot! So ethereal! -- weasie20
Thank you Mike Hvozda for sharing your vision with us. It is a magnificent, and awe inspiring capture of a single moment in time. You have not forgotten the tragedy this represents, as some apparently have - only seeing this as another opportunity to exercise their freedom to complain. Let us remain steadfast and diligent in our remembrance, and in our battle against terrorism in this world. Let us light up the heavens, and may this Memorial shine brightly enough for all the world to see. -- dradclif
Ut's very beautiful.God Bless America! -- NASCATfan11
Please, please, for the sake of those who perished in this tragedy and their loved ones who see your negative comments...hold your tongue. Don't be an armchair critic, get out there and fight to keep your rite to be able to speak as casually crass as you do. redsox2 -- redsox2
I will never forget WTC. I always pray that the terrorist attacks will end, especially in our country here in the Philippines... Great shot! I love the clouds, it's like they speak to the event... -- makki_yan
Yes, we can see the stars. I think it's more important to remember the over 3,000 innocent, non-political people that died rather than care about how much energy the lights take, or if we could see the stars. Not quite sure how many floors were there, but watched them crumble from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge. -- Revfrankel
Rev Frankel - I want to say thanks for those words! I think the clouds hold the memories of those we lost, it's the light casting to heaven maybe a roadway to heaven. -- singer
A lot of good comments on here, but has anyone just looked at this picture, not for 9/11 but for it's weather aspects? I know that's a tough one, but the picture reminds me more than ever that we can never forget 9/11. It also makes me wonder can man one day control the weather above. -- johnstownwildfire
effective black ops -- jcd213
This is NOT an original picture! There must have been 100,000 other people with the SAME photo. I gave it a 1 simply because it is boring, and done to death as they say. This is suppose to be a weather related photo site, not some cheesy post card picture site. -- The Myth
Hi Myth - clouds and fog ARE weather-related... -- weathermatrix
I believe that people's prayers are being heard, -- Lizzyborden57
That is one awesome view and picture. Let us hope that we do not forget and realize that we must defend ourselves from those we would destroy us. And as johnstownwildfire said I also preferred the first design with the windmills. -- Plebe2001
This is one of the most fantastic photos I have ever seen - Well done Mike. From Kittencarer -- Kittencarer
Well, I think it is a beautiful picture. For so many reasons. -- ErikaHardin
We should never forget, we do have the ability to get distracted by our daily lives and personal concerns, we should be reminded ocassionally no matter what room we are in, with all respect, a very powerful photo... -- justlookin
I love this photo. No matter if it is posted a million times on the internet, each posting allows the person to stop for a minute and reflect .... and that is a good thing. -- BeckyMarie
This is a very frightening photo, covered up by awesome spectacle. Sadly, the first, and seemingly only, attribute unanimously noticed is the sensational image, rather than how, what or more importantly, why this is being broadcast. I do agree that beauty should be appreciated with the same innocent quality as that of a child, however, should also be looked at beyond the naivety that comes parcel with that. -- upliftourharmony
yeah, that too... -- justlookin
thank you, it is so beautiful! i would pray for all the victims of 9/11 who died and their families. May God be with them daily. -- tcrump
This is indeed a very frightening photo, its good to remember the 3000 that died but it seems sad to me that we can spend many millions on a memorial but dont have the common decency to cover the roughly 1000 people 1st responders, firefighters, police who survived with debilitating conditions that our country is fighting to NOT cover. Very very sad the mentality here. -- rmay635703a
Beautiful ode to the victims, of course, but where is the truth...We still dont have it do we...Thanks Redsox two, your message is taken to heart. Well said. -- lights_in_the_sky
In response to all those who complain about the elctricity wasted, etc. Have you every read The Bible?? Specifically the book of Revelation? This world we live in was not designed to last forever. Quit complaining and enjoy your life and the time you have. You cannot seriously think that this memorial is going to be the end of life as we know it. If you do insist on complaining at least direct it to the right people i.e. NYC government officials not the photogragher. Kudos on the photo! -- icemanufc
To Iceman you are correct as Jesus said let the dead bury their own Some of the LIVING victims take issue with the fact that we have money for a memorial but none for those who gave everything but their life and get no proper medical treatment for their injuries and disease relating to 911 service many have lost their house their livelyhood their health everything substitive -- rmay635703a
This looks like we are being invaded by aliens. I was abducted once by a group of aliens from zena-5 they were cool and liked to party -- surfpaddler
To all my extended mil family here and abroad.thank you be safe we are proud of each and everyone of you for your commitment and brave acts of courage. stay strong on the front lines.and know you are very special soldiers. Happy New Years come home safely! a proud army mp wife -- JILLY
Simply stunning! -- JILLY
Wow! Just think. A group of people were so tired of the way we had been treating them and their country that they were willing to die to try and stop us from doing it. -- kokopelau
Great idea for the lights. The lights seem to act as the towers themselves, and the souls lost. Very beautiful. -- Katsnip
awesome looking ad it makes us remember all the poor souls lost during that time -- roxas16
Does it really matter what it cost for the electricity used or the source. Were the people who lost their lives not worth it? What is the matter with some of you. I am all for conservation and preservation, but I will never forget that day and I think that photo is magnificent and a great honor to those who were there that day and to the families lives who were forever changed then and now. -- Jwhear
yHblLoe GaBHo!!! Tak BaM nudapacbl. A 6ydeTe nu3deTb Banc4e 3aTonuM k e6eH9M -- Faradey
Very very sad the mentality here. says rmay635703a. I suggest you read...Not Yours to Give...which is attributed to Col. Davy Crockett, 1884...Summary here, questioned,, Library of Congress...U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774 1875 image 2085. -- tpaine
Thank the Photographer who was gracious enough to share this with us all, enjoy its beauty, and as someone who lost people on that day please keep the politics out of it. This picture reminds us what it is to be human. -- wolf969
thats so beautiful! -- ccrbtulsa69
It looks nice. But for some reason it does nothing to help me remember that tragic day. To me it represents more energy and tax payer money thats wasted day to day in this country. -- dkhawk81
these laser beams transported WTC victims up to heaven. when jesus returns they will all slide back down and return to this very spot. -- tillie6584
Thank you for helping us to never forget. -- dvr1961
I think back to when I worked on the 102 and 101 floors with Cantor and I miss it so much. In the fall sometimes itd be raining when I walked from the ferry up Broadway but when I got to my desk itd be nothing but the sun, endless fields of cotton clouds, the Empire State Building and us office workers. An unreal site that I feel so blessed to have witnessed. In high winds you could hear the staircases creaking and the toilet water would actually swish around. Miss you all my dear friends. -- TC
I never got to see the Twin Towers in person. As an American citizen I would love for the State of New York and New York City to just say, We want them back! And then build the towers back looking just as they were before! So many of us in America would love the experience of being able to visit the tallest buildings in the United States. The new building/buildings are being built smaller out of fear. I HATE THAT! I hate that the strongest country in the world has to do things out of fear! -- colley1962
eerie looking God have mercy on all those poor helpless souls -- merriez3
You have really captured a moment here. All those precious souls who were here and gone so fast. All the families who have to live missing their loved ones and friends. Thank God for those lights. That very sad day should never be forgotten. If we forget . . . it just means that it no longer matters. It matters, we matter, and the person who took this picture, knows that for a fact . . . we all matter. God Bless -- Cathy0123
Faradey Zhosh! Ja DyMaL 4To oDuH TyT PyccKuu -- altin
Let us remain vigilant and NEVER forget. -- SCRAPPY09
Well im no hater but..the lights are shining from below not above. I might be 10 but im not that stupid anyway very bueatifal picture i admire these buetifal sights! -- make_it_sunny
glorious...... -- yei10
awesome Pic!! -- GTO
I like it ! -- JulienB
Uploaded on 12/11/2007
by navy
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