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Suzy Snowflake Christmas cartoon
Description: Suzy Snowflake Production date 1951 As a kid back in the 70s, when local TV played it all the time during the holiday season...suzy snowflake christmas was a Black and White stop motion animation from the 1950s, familiar to anyone who was a kid back in the 70s, when TV played it all the time during the holiday season

Date Taken: 12/1/2007
Views: 9430
City: Johnstown
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Super video -- BMB
Great I love this somuch thanks for sharing it with us. They dont have them on TV no more. -- BeckyMarie
I rest my case OLD PEOPLE TV, but I really like it. Strange the tune sticks in your head. THANKS A LOT. -- jodimiller
what is stop motion animation, dont ask me to look it up. -- jodimiller
Yea what is stop motion animation, and Jodi if you call suzy old well your callin madman old cause this is his girlfriend. -- flowersforsara
I love this thanks -- fayeweathergirl
Hey you talkin to us the children, you act like we have no say here. Please all knowing adult, tell us why this is not weather related? We feel that this is weather related, and it's also a part of our history. We want to learn, we want to understand why our parents would ever watch these on TV. Maybe because they were fun, maybe it was just a good program. -- Thunder
Tis a man who speaks without knowledge. This is a weather site, a place for learning. We are the future, we one day will vote for those to run our nation, we strive to learn as much as we can. This simple video, has taught us much, that snowflake can brings us love, a snowflake can maybe just maybe show us the way to college, and then maybe one day just maybe we will be working at Accuweather. Thank you Mr. adelaar for your kind thoughts -- tabby
In case anyone is wondering, we girls are havin gourselves a sleep over, to cheer on the snow. Mr. Adelaar, attacking children, just to bring to your attenton.. The Weather Channel, gee, they just aired Suzy Snowflake, why not tell them the same thing. We want everyone to know that sure were kids, but you know what, we live in American, and we want to learn. I love Accuweather, because they have opened the door to learning. We all have that God given right to broaden our knowledge, -- jodimiller
Uploaded on 12/1/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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