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Heated fog from missle
Heated fog from missle
Description: The Spanish frigate FFG Canaras participates in a Missile exercise during the UNITAS Pacific Phase exercise. UNITAS is an annual exercise in the South American region.

Date Taken: 11/23/2007
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Is this really heated fog. -- jodimiller
I think if you heat fog it disappears so either its smoke or the heat and fog are next to each other. -- weathermatrix
Ok here is what I just read. The heat from missle is so hot that the air around it becomes steam. Does that sound right. -- jodimiller
Sounds reasonable -- weathermatrix
Freedom for all , or else -- mikestreeservice
All I see is pain to those who hurt us on 911 -- karentoth
The missle works on radar right, then do all those rain clouds get in the way -- bettylou
I think that radars looking for planes or ground objects would not see rain these days, although the rumor is that`s how weather radar was invented. -- weathermatrix
Uploaded on 11/23/2007
by navy
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