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Ship in rough seas
Ship in rough seas
Description: At sea with USS Paul F. Foster DD 964 Oct. 29, 2002 The destroyer USS Paul F. Foster turns away after an attempt to replenish fuel from the Military Sealift Command ship MSC USNS Rappahannock TAO 204. The seas were too high and conditions too rough to safely execute a scheduled replenishment at sea RAS. Later in the day, calmer seas allowed the two ships to connect and complete their mission. U.S. Navy Photo by Photographers Mate 3rd Class William H. Ramsey

Date Taken: 11/20/2007
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This is a very dramatic photo. Nice capture of rough seas. -- desmo100
How high are the seas here you think. 40 feet -- jodimiller
Beats me, I don`t know enough about ships -- weathermatrix
Jodi You can have 10 foot waves and the ships heading into waves rake them, meaning they ride the wave and depending on the lenght of the wave, the ship could drive into wave as the bow drops down and into wave. The seas here look to be about 5 to 10 feet. -- johnstownwildfire
I am feelin sea sick -- karentoth
Uploaded on 11/21/2007
by navy
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