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Sand storm incomming
Sand storm incomming
Description: Al Asad, Iraq April 27, 2005 A massive sandstorm cloud rolls over Al Asad, Iraq just before nightfall as Sgt. Michael A. Blaha and others watch from their tents. A sandstorm is strong dry wind blowing over the desert that raise and carriers clouds of sand or dust often so dense as to obscure the sun and reduce visibility almost to zero. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alicia M. Garcia

Date Taken: 11/20/2007
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City: Iraq
State: maryland
Country: United States
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This is sad, I have family who was over in Iraq an dthey say the sand is a real big problem. -- jodimiller
This picture speaks many words... Thinking of friend and family who are over their fighting and .... for us -- karentoth
My father is over seas, fighting for our freedom. We miss you. He told me how bad the sand storms are, and how he prays they could be thunderstorms. -- frosty
This is Gods land and the people should not be fighting a war their, this is hy the sand storm rolls on -- tonykelly
ok sure it is a sand storm , but he wind picking up the sane has just made what a sand cloud -- mindyweather
How can this be called a cloud -- easterbunny
Jesse is this a cloud? -- penns woods weather team
I suppose you could call it a dust cloud, technically any group of particles could be considered a cloud, though this is not a cloud in the standard weather definition. -- weathermatrix
Oh yea just stand their and wait for the dust bomb to hit you. Great picture. -- sunray
Uploaded on 11/21/2007
by navy
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