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1st snow of the season for newborn kitten
1st snow of the season for newborn kitten
Description: In a way the 1st snow of the season may only be a dusting but it may be a sign of things to come. For the wildlife animals newborns, the 1st snow is a big change.

Date Taken: 11/7/2007
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City: Vinco
*ApertureValue: 4.97085571289063
*ISOSpeedRatings: 400
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
*ShutterSpeedValue: 6.32192993164063
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OMG he is a doll can I have em. My new snow buddy -- jodimiller
Look a snow kitty, and why is the poor thing outside. You need to bring in in to you rhome where it should be warm. He is such a doll. -- BeckyMarie
Look at them eyes, then tiny little paws. Hey Jesse you need a kitten. -- flowersforsara
oh my poor kitty -- hannah
Does it have a name, ho about betty -- karentoth
This is a great photo - the rocks are the same color as the cat, which makes for nice composition, plus the look on his face is priceless - I had a similar reaction when I moved from NC to PA and found out about the harsh winters - smile -- weathermatrix
Jesse you should adopt him. R Factor made a comment on his radio show one day.. God created cats and gave them fur, they were created to hunt and fend for themselves, so why has man changed the rules of nature. So the same can be said of dogs, and birds, and monkees and so on. Now monkee I would love to have one as a pet so cool. -- jodimiller
Ah the snow is a beautiful thing. -- jodimiller
He looks so cold, I think all he needs is some lovin. -- summersmarie
It looks like it could star on a stephen King movie -- johnnyhunter
The kitten is outside because a female cat that lives outside, not mine, decided to have her litter in my shed. Now I cant catch the little critter, I almost had it, but the mother attacked me. So to put your little minds to rest I tired. If you look the kitten has a ton of fur, and it is in a heated shed at night. Did you ever think that maybe cats like the snow, I see them all the time jumping to catch the snow flakes. -- johnstownwildfire
awww so cute -- magnumlady
What a doll -- cindylockhart
Look at the eyes wow, such a doll -- kimlevens
I wish I could have the little guy. I love your picture, it has a great blend and you caught him so perfect -- cindytoth
Cute -- Brianna
So have you found your way indoors yet -- BeckyMarie
You could be in movies, your a star, not my star but a star. For you see star is a star and your a baby star to be, but one day your going to be a star like star. You need to get the jaw working babe. My little star. -- jodimiller
He is the weather kitten. -- mellyfeather
The kitten has a very special look, one of why me mum -- womansfury
Tigger -- jazzywinter
Such a tender shot, you can see the emotion within -- kidrock
We were just reviewing this picture in school today and was decided 80/20 its a winer, it highlights our weather and how it effects not only us but anumals as well who has to live in the stuff. -- StephenR
The camo background kind of hides him from view. I like the snow flakes on his head. -- JessicaS
One word I, like it hates the cold. -- tweety
Tender shot heck the poor thing is in fridgee mode -- joshua
I want this kitten for Christmas -- mutti
Cute cat! You are right, most dogs and cats love to play with snow and I am very glad he has a heated shed when it gets too cold outside, smart mom! that is why she had her litter in your shed! -- clearskyes
Hi Smurfy just seeing what name fits. Folks we are looking for a name for this cat. Well if R Factor can figure out the sex of this cat, this would be a big help. Do you need some help in telling the difference between the two. -- jodimiller
I want you I love you -- karentoth
Let it be known to the world, this kitten is mine and she loves me. Hey Johnstownwildfire, can you please tell us the sex of this darling creature, wholongs to be in my home, in my warm bedroom, safe from all who would do her harm. -- natasha
I only can say: PERFECT PHOTO -- Juanza
It seems the big question is and the answer is female. Summary of the task at hand... To catch the cute little WILD animal. I was able to get it but only after the darn thing bite me, dung its tiny little claws of death into my tender skin, do I have your attention now. Na I was able to calm it down and it started to purr, and purr loud. So I think it is a happy kitten. Update it loves to climb trees a lot but has no clue how to get down, so mom has to get it most times. -- johnstownwildfire
Remember Bob Barker saying: Please spay or neuter your pets, as she will be ready to give birth in a few months herself. They go into heat at about six months old. Name...Ashley, because she is the color of ashes. -- winsoar
This kitten is very sweet. I like. -- mariana
What a cute kitten, I would love a kitten like that. -- tougie
I think you feel like my name Brrr, I just saw your picture on the local news in town. The weather segment airs pictures, and you were on TV. The man said to go to and check you out. Your going to be a bigger star. -- brrr
Like robeezgirl said TOO TOO SWEET a gift from God -- titanic
Cute as a kitten -- corny
I love this kitty .. why is she left out in the cold? Bring the poor thing inside .. that is what a litter box is for! -- cyberschool
Cute little kitty. -- SoCalRoadie
Cute little girl! You should contact the Fund for Feral Cats at 412-521-5342 or 412-650-6546 and they can help you get Momma cat spayed -- cahockeygirl
aww it looks like a charlotte or charlie -- Sweetbb619
what a cute kitty :D -- danakaren
Hermie my little buddy, we will rescue you -- Thunder
I would love to have you for Christmas -- mandy
Our inspiration, our Christmas kitten, who by now should be a growing sprout -- woodyg
For the record it is our mascot -- South Fork Weather Team
He is so cute!! -- msharpton
I just joined our local weather team, and I love Accuweather. Being able to fellowship and share pictures related to weather is fantastic. -- allanmeyers
what idiot left the cat out?!?! -- blalockchiro
Hi I am from Melbourne Australia and it was 40c here today This kitten is soo divine. You all seem very kind towards cats over in the states which is lovely. We are big cat lovers in our house. But unfortunately many people in Oz dont like cats . Heard on Animal Planet the other day that if a cat can get regular human contact before 7 weeks she wont be feral. We never have snow here - we are about as far from the equator as SanFrancisco I believe. Hope to visit the US again soon. -- furcat98
Please try to capture or call some professionals to capture these kitties and have them all spayed or neutered. There are far too many animals winding up in the shelters and eventually being euphanized for no other reason than someone decided to let an unspayed or unneutered pet outside and things happen. Visit the charityguide dot org website for who to call and more information. Click on the animal welfare link. Then click on Trap, Neuter, and Return Feral Cats. -- lawls
Just wanted to say thanks to all the comments. Yes I feel that many dogs and cats should be fixed, to controll the over population. I only wanted to make mention of the fact that people make it a practice of dumping their unwanted pets on farms and rural area across our country. Here at our farm we have seen it all, including cats. The problem is once a kitten is born in the wild per say, they are wild and hard to catch, and how do you catch so many? -- johnstownwildfire
In Pennsylvania Ferrel cats are protected, seems the commonwealth looks upon cats as being a means of controlling the rodent population. But now we have coyotes which are reproducing at an alarming rate, they in turn eat domestic dogs and cats. -- johnstownwildfire
Look the family is together, hi Star. -- jodimiller
Cute kitten! -- LittletonWeather
So cute, a bundle of fur, happy days Kitty. -- happycolours
What a sweet kitten! It looks like a Nebelung, German for Creature of the Mist. Nebelung's are long-haired versions of the Russian Blue. Beautiful! -- lcastle92407
I think they also call cats like this a Smokey City Grey. Totally darling! -- lcastle92407
Hey little buddy. You must be getting big by now. -- missygirl1
Welcome back to the front page little buddy. I am here to tell you that you are and forever will be our snow mascot. We hope coach Madman likes cats if not too bad. Please everyone repeat after me... WE WANT SNOW. -- brittneys
Oh Can I have him, Gab age: 6 -- Steward7777
NO you can't have him I want him. I have a question have we ever figured out the sex? -- WitchyPoo
Watch out big animals come out at night. -- BlueJay
so cute, -- nzar
Nice pic. Kawaii neko ne. -- Yggdrasil
Hello everyone, you too can have your picture on this web site. Join today, and if you wish consider building your own weather team. View Kids Weather on for more information -- jodimiller
I have 3 wild kittens sweet heart if u wanted to catch that lil guy you could have... but w/ mommy kitty youd b in ribbons .. lol cute thing..poor guy needs to come to georgia its nice and sno free here -- kittykatt_candace
You know I just thought of something this cat has more freedom than I. -- jodimiller
This kitty it just too cute for words. I'd love to have this furry little thing. -- prec_moment
Great picture ! The poor little thing looks cold. Take her in and give her some warm milk ! Regards, JY Laval, Quebec. -- jyrod1701
Poor little one is cold out there. Bring him in and keep him warm..........hes worth it. -- Aedamair
Wow- this cute kitten got lots of attention! I, too, live in a rural area and know the feeling of having animals dumped on or near our farm. What a perfect world it would be if everyone spayed and neutered their pets- but it will never happen. I'm sure that kitten is happy to be hunting and living in the great outdoors, which is why he is equipped with a winter coat and a mama!!! -- angie3881
About the Steven King comment, I think we should call him or her Church. -- etgibson
I'm sure he no longer looks this way, can we see how he looks now? -- brendak
Just wanted to let you know that this kitten is all over the web. He has a cult following, and he is just famous -- fredmoyer
If he needs a good home, my mom said I could have him or her... -- karensandy
I love you, can I have you for my very own? -- sandysoe
I think you should name the kitty Noah ... after me! She is adorable! Can I have her? If not, do you think she could become a mascot for all the Weather Teams? -- NoahIsCrazy
Simply the BEST! By the way I want the kitten! -- saraseth
So cute then, what about today is it still cute? -- jimmythunder
Fuzzy little fur ball his name please -- tabby
This adorable kitty has an amazing number of hits ... maybe it is time to post some new photos ... Anyone out there have any photos of baby kittens? -- BeckyMarie
Please do! I love this kitten -- AndyLovesSun
Thunder Cat -- KitLovesSun
Well, if you wanna catch,rehab it, tis very easy. Get a med size hava a heart trap, get her and rehab her. If you can't try to contact a rescue in your area, kittens should not live outside. They become feral and usually aren't adoptable after living so long in the wild. we foster and rehab feral kittens for fun!! Good luck and if you have and questions please contact this email ravage2010 at -- ravage2020
Kittens should not live outside?? Are you serious?? I have three barn cats that live outside- they are professional mousers and keep diseases caused from mice and other vermin out of our livestock and feed. They are very beneficial to our farm. -- angie3881
Has anyone claimed this little guy yet. We live on a farm, and sure we have a ton of cats in the barn, around the barn, but this fellow would live in my home. He is such a cute little thing. -- judymack
Doll baby........... -- mindyflann
Ok so it's a cat. Yea I have to say it looks cute so my girlfriend won't get mad at me, but come on it's going to grow up and be just another cat. -- miketarg
Cute, but we have many on the farm. We feel that God put the cat upon the earth to catch the mice and rats. We are not allowed no animals in our home, the home is a place for us. Our elders teach us that God has given fur to animals for a reason. I like this picture, it reminds me that creation is beautiful. -- jacobp
I want him! -- andylong
I just saw your new picture, wow what a change. Maybe it's like having a zit when your a teen, we will just have to wait and see. -- tommypertson
Still the best picture I've seen on this web site. On many levels it touches ones heart. We have the weather, a slight sign of things ot come, we have the issue of cat population, we see like so many people a lost and confused look and we see the look of why me. -- tabbysimms
Hang tough little buddy, the world is a rough place to live in. -- andylann
This kitten is chillin out. Great picture. -- sunray
I have heard a lot about this kitten. What kind of a kitten is it? He could be in movies, can someone make a movie of him? -- mandykemper
I have an adult cat that looks just like this kitten and mine is a persian. Also I have a cat door that my cats have access to come inside or go out whenever they want, and they are outside alot and yes, they do love the snow. -- vonrob
Name it SMOKEY, -- globaloro
I like the name Fuzzy Little Gray Ashes Kitten. I love this picture! This could be a good picture for the SPCA to use. How could anyone leave a kitten like this in a place like the SPCA. Not saying that it is in the SPCA or that it could ever enve end up their. I am only saying this is a cute kitten, that would be well loved in my arms. Hint! -- vickiearunt
I think little friend you are world known as the best lookin kitty in the world. Can I name you fuzzy? -- cindymock
Is it not amazing how one little ... and adorable ... creature of creation can invoke such a HUGE response !!! It reminds me of the last 2 verses of the book of Jonah, especially the last few words. The Creator also loves His creatures -- Elaine
I love you little buddy! -- jodimiller
All kittens should look this cute, no wait they do , then they grow up -- bteam
By this time I am sure this little fellow has become all growed up, and getting into trouble. But the memory of his tiny face and big eyes will be a part of time itself forever. I wonder how many other people have made him a desk top favorite? -- cindyhorn
Picture is so wonderful. Jodi what is his name, has anyone figured this out yet? -- cindyhorn
Actually, Feral cats are covered by the same legal protections as house cats, all over the US. I hope you catch mama cat and her buddies. Where there is one feral, there are others. Get on the Alley Cat Allies website. Trap Neuter and Return is practiced by humane individuals and groups all over the US, and it is the only way to control the feral cat population. Anything else, including tons of litters born to feral cats who are not spayed and nuetered, is cruel. -- aattura
This kitten is just so cute I'll take him or her home with me -- catwoman75
This is very likely the BEST image of nature and animal I have ever seen!!! The fact that the little guy is so darn cute doesn't hurt any!!!! -- cmbrg
Wow, I didn't think I'd ever get to the bottom to leave another comment. LOL. Was just reading some of the comments, I know what you mean when it comes to people dumping their cat in rural areas. When I lived in WV this was a common problem. I found a cat identical to this one years ago, starving to death, I kept him and named him Lucky. He stayed small. Which I thought was weird. -- robeezgirl
He looks like TopCat I just saw this cartoon on TV from long long time ago called top Cat, well the little guy looks like a topcat. -- sandywhite
this little kitten even though hes grown now is soooo adorable. I look at this picture all night while i am at work.thanks for sharing this picture -- LRIVEY81
I would love to have a kittie just like this one, he is absolutely adorable. -- cherokee
What lovely looking cat -- spreece
The kitten is beautiful! What is it doing now that there is no snow? -- Soldiers Museum Team
OMG so cute! Just like a kid they look like little angels then they grow up. -- GettysburgBattlefieldTeam
In answer as to how to trap them. Get a humane trap from a local hardware store and bait it with canned food and/or tuna fish. I used to be part of a feral cat rescue and did this all the time. Make sure you check the cage often and change the food frequently since they won't go near rotten food unless desperate. When they are still this small you can get them tame enough to live inside but probably not a lap cat if they are more than say 3 or 4 months old. -- Kirsten
Cute -- Team Slime
He is so cute. -- team-alberta
This is one hot Kitty! -- FirstCoast Weather Team
Aww so cute. -- NASCATfan11
Our snow kitten, our mascot, look out next winter big snows.. -- titanic
good grief's just a CAT for gosh sakes -- Jay
I Love this picture, it rocks! And to Jay it's not just a cat, it's our snow kitten, well today it's more like he is our college mascot as he rocks and socks the MADMAN all star college snow team. With this note look for snow by early Oct. 08 - -- abby
Simply the best! -- frog
SUPERSTAR! -- singer
Just wanted to say thanks to all the comments, some great, some good, some not so good, I say only on the internet. The cat is doing fine, having fun, and he has turned into a great mouser. Snow Oct. come on! -- johnstownwildfire
oooh! so cute! -- benthebug
In my backyard one feral cat had seven litters in two year before I could catch her. I found homes for twenty kittens and with the help of a local cat shelter had nine of them fixed. I was finally able to catch the mother cat by using a pet friendly cat trap that the shelter loaned me. Mama Kitty and the others I had fixed were rereleased and still roam the neighborhood helping to control the rodent population. I know all about the scratches and bites, but do not give up. -- pcmiller
He is a doll! This site is so cool, I was on VFK and they said to come on over - sign up - I did - I happy -- MandySeth
I just signed up to this site. I love this kitten. My two labs would adopt him in a minute. They had a kitten a few months ago and were so upset when a friend took her home.The snow is coming!! -- winelover
You know how some people buy a picture frame with a perfect family or pet picture in it, and then keep that picture instead of their own family or pet? Well this kitty now replaces that pet picture in my picture frame -- hah hah hah. -- jimbbb
This purr-baby is purrecious and no doubt is now a beautiful grown feline. Thank You johnstownwildfire for this outstanding photo and most of all for doing all you are to help the little ones like this and all ferals. I do know what it is like trying to catch these little furry razors, said with a grin from experience. So again, thank you fo all that you are doing to care for them. Warm Smiles, onebabykitty -- onebabykitty
That is not only precious but also a beautiful photograph. What an adorable little friend, and a great capture of the delicate snow and ice on his coat! -- lori_mathis13
i love it... too cute! -- ShebaJo
I luv this pic! I am originally from Windber and we had a cat that looked very similar. -- jspisock
Just an update..The little cute fuzzy kitten is a lot older, Fixed , but really big. He is still TopCat around here which I am shocked, I thoguht after the fixin he would become this mellow lay back cat, not really. But we still love em... -- johnstownwildfire
lovely Meow! adorable! -- apetrias
why is this kitten outside in the cold? -- sjs
Johnswildfire, this is an adorable shot. I have four kitties myself and a ferrel kitty lived in extreme weather, it was impossible to catch her and her litter. The animal shelter is unable to trick her into a trap to spay her. Her kitties are also on the same wavelength as Momma, except for one. Thankfully she only had about 3. Happy to say, she is still alive and her kittens are seen once in a while as a neighbor made them an htd/ac shed Good for you for providing heat for them. -- miakity33
Cute cat. Mine wants out but he has been in so has no winter fur so no snow for him -- headdragon
Update 1. SJS - The cat hates the house, loves the outdoors. He has a spot in the barn which he loves. 2. So many people with so many different thoguhts on cats. My thoughts God gave cats fur for a reason, sure many of you have indoor cats, as I do. But within reasons etc I think any cat can be left out side, and they do become great mousers. Bottom bottom line here we buy 100 pounds of cat food per week, we not only feed out cats but all the others from milea around. -- johnstownwildfire
That has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! -- southerngirl444
he/she looks adorable be careful though, cats that are outside like this can be feral, if the mother does not want you to get that close i would keep my distance. leaving food out however gradually close to your home might encourage them to trust you, though. very cute picture -- rfogy
Im allergic to kitties but what a sweet thing that kitty is! -- moeykid
Cute kitten! All that hair will serve him well this winter! Have you tried to use a humane trap to catch, spay, and release? I spent all summer doing this with ferals and it saved my barncat population from exploding. Hope this helps. -- LazyGRanch
I think the cats name should be Blue she is freezing and her color of fur is blue -- Phyl55
-- PJ
PLEASE post a picture of what this beauty looks like now. -- Monkster
Perhaps you can contact several local cat rescues until you can find one that will help catch the feral and her kittens. Being outside is not good for them, not only because of the weather. There are other dangers the can befall the cat and her kittens such as other wild animals or humans that dont like cats and go out of there way to hurt them. Kittens especially safely trapped early in there lives usually grow into nice friendly house cats. Please try again for the kittens sake. -- skaz
That Is A Cute Kitten!!!! I Want To Snuggle It!! I Already Have 2 Cats! -- michael09
ahuenno!! realno ahuenno -- altin
Great shot. Beautiful kitten. -- acklan
My 2 cats are house cats but do go outside. I dont let my cats out after a certain time of day. Our male cat got out one day last week and didnt come home till 9:30 the next morning. He was limping and his ear was bleeding. Poor guy. He is 10 yrs old. That is why cats should not be out at night. If they get in a fight that usually means a trip to the vet. -- Canakid
Do you or your cats suffer from a dry, flaky scalp? Then YOU need Flakes B Gon. Available at fine stores everywhere! -- Nikkofly
OMG THAT IS CUTE!!! -- ccrbtulsa69
Cats are the infantry of the animal world. They own the night, are able to approach a target without detection and look good doin it. -- philmikki
For all of you who think cats shouldnt live outside: I went to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina and the animal rescue workers down there were only concentrating on the dogs. They said the cats are resilient and can adapt to anthing and survive but dogs need help. -- philmikki
so cute!!!!!!! -- ramsy.rayi
Awwww he is so adorable. Can I have him please. -- texaschick
I vote Official Mascot for -- OnMyBalcony
I love this kitten. I have looked everywhere for a solid gray kitten, We take in kittens from humane societies to keep them from being put down. I would love to have this kitten,,,,Justa Melugin -- justa
hahahahahahah you call that snow???!!!! who likes cats anyway? -- hamham33
I love this kitty! -- uniq_photo
A wild child who is very perplexed by the white stuff. Great shot! I have dealt with barn cats nearly all my life, and yes, they are cute, especially as kittens. Make no mistake though, they will take a finger off to escape captivity and not think twice about it. Feral cats are opportunists and know a sucker when they see one. From one sucker to another, enjoy. -- McLJ
Please if someone sees a helpless animal like this do the right thing and help them and by the way to hahaha who likes cats I hope someday something rotten happens to you -- merriez3
whaat? i was put on this earth cause of this photo? my ancestors been thru this a billion times, and now, i gotz royalties! :P -- ThomasSunsetBeachCA
Wow, what a cute cat! -- HermanHarmony
Oh yeah, it is pretty. Is the kitten a he or a she? Looks like it is thinking, - Okay, can we go back inside now. -- Hack
es precioso/a es igual a mi gata Anasasia II cuando era chica,me encantan los gatos. ojala este tenga dueƱo y lo quieran mucho, es un tesoro. -- VICKI
thank you for sharing this with us. I am a cat and dog rescuer. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. All rescued. I also care for a feral cat colony and TNR. However some of the ferals will not go into the trap. No matter what I have inside so every year I get 2 or 3 new kitties. I live in an apartment so is not possible to adopt all of them. But I will care for them until I die! This little kitty in the picture is precious! -- Blanca
I have loved this picture ever since I first saw it on here. Apparently I am not the only one. I happened to be on icanhascheezburger and someone tagged it with a caption. I am pretty sure you can have it removed if you dont want it on there so I thought Id let you know in case it bothered you. Email me for the URL. I cant post it in the comments area apparently kericharles at gmail dot com -- kericharles
Again thanks to all who find this picture a blessing. Update on the cat. He is well and very much on his own. He is by far the best mouser I have. He is very smart as I have tried to use traps to catch him with no luck. He is well feed, by us, and by his ability to catch mice, rats, etc. I am not sure about other states but in PA Ferrel cats are protected. Again thanks to all to love the Kitten now grown up. -- johnstownwildfire
Nice kitty! -- Bozo
so cute cat... -- brujulagris
What a sweet kitten -- casinochips
darling -- Cybele
Aww. He is adorable. -- SilverWolfGirl
So cute! Looks like asking for shelter! -- jamycat
Uploaded on 11/7/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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