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A tornado type cloud came down next tome.
A tornado type cloud came down next tome.
Description: It got really windy and a shot this picture just as it got windy and I saw this whirl wind cloud come down in front of me.

Date Taken: 11/5/2007
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City: Chickoree Mountain
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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It looks like a funnel cloud -- BeckyMarie
Twister -- Roxys
HOly balls of jelly.. ok its late and I just saw this picture. This looks like a real tornado. You say it was windy maybe its one of those dust spinners you sometimes see in parking lots. Jesse help please waht the heck huh. Get well Jesse we miss you. We love you Mr. Accuweather. -- jodimiller
Is this a ghost or is it real. Your camera on drugs -- karentoth
Im not sure but it looks like a waterspout on land. -- cindythunder
Get well Jesse, Jesse in under the weather, one day, shoot heck no hours ago we were in the 70s now it is snowing. -- sethandrews
Opps, I forgot to mention its a twister. We are in a chat room talking about this very picture, students across the globe are asking if it is a twister, why did in not suck R factor up and away. Or its the gust front but it looks like it is too his left and that would be that he would be inside of storm and he would not be able too see through the front. Got that. -- sethandrews
Danger, why do you do this. For what reason, one day your going to get hurt -- BMB
Run for your life. Hey get well jesse we love you. -- summersmarie
It would have to be pretty small if it`s in front of the light, could be a dust devil, was it dry at this time, or had just started to rain? -- weathermatrix
Jesse you sick we hear, so your head hurts right then your mind hurts, this is a twister, ask madman. -- maggiestone
Sorry but really it looks like a twister -- maggiestone
This is a something. How can it be a dust devil and where in the world did that name ever come from. Dust devils need dust it is raining. Hey ya feeling any better yet. Opps mom alert bye guys -- jodimiller
I have asked Madman for his advise. Ok it was raining, and I saw three more of these off to my right. I think I was in the scud itself. -- johnstownwildfire
I am assuming that this is the photo that you wanted me to take a look at, right jodimiller? Hey R Factor! Is this a capture from a video? Since it`s a low-resolution shot... only 640x480 pixels... I am assuming that is the case. If so, it would be helpful to see the `whirlwind` in motion. Otherwise, I would have to agree with Jesse here. Since we see that it is in the foreground, in front of the light pole, whatever it is must be really small. Pretty unlikely that it is a tornado. -- KingKey
I suppose it`s possible that it could be a suction spot, rotating around the periphery of a tornado. I have seen those before, and they`re really small, fast-moving and short-lived. What do you think, Jesse? A suction spot, perhaps? -- KingKey
yes it is from video but I was moving the camera away from the front of me here to catch the other three , only nothing came out to my right it was too dark. I still think it is part of the scud. There were at least 4 maybe 6 of these in my area. The winds picked up to about 35 mph and no howling sounds, these things just came out of the scud. They were really small. Ive seen them before from the mountain here. It could just be the air racing over the ridge and when it get to the top here. -- johnstownwildfire
Thanks Kingkey, and Jesse and you know who. Mom gave me mor ehome work. If a rotating mass of air is moving counterclock wise in any maner is it a tornado.. -- jodimiller
opps. Ok a tornado can be as big as an F 5 right, or F 1, then what are they when they are babies, small tiny little things. Waterspouts are over water no problem here, but whe you have a spiral like this over land an dit is small in nature, what are they called. Should we not study these as well, cause they have the same foundations as an F 5 right. Thanks I have another paper due now. -- jodimiller
Actually F0 is the lowest classficiation. The wind is always swirling around in vortices, the question is, what do you have that can make it visible to humans? Dust for dust devils, smoke for fire vortices, leaves in the fall, even snow in the winter. -- weathermatrix
He whatever it is, it touched down right near you.Kingkey or Jesse can these small vortexs cause trouble. -- BeckyMarie
And not all tornadoes rotate counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere, either. Rarely, there are anti-cyclonic tornadoes that rotate clockwise. Of course, in the southern hemisphere, it`s just the opposite... -- KingKey
KingKey I / we need help working on a paper.. You chase storms a lot, do you think that it is the earth going through some changes or is it global warming tht is causing more tornados ever year. They had a show on TLC about how the earth maybe shifting on its plane, which would lead to weather changes like this. They were also talking about ways to stop tornados once they form, they feel you can fly above them and drop this chemical into it which changes the temps core which should stop it. -- brittneys
Well, first of all, I would hesitate to say that there are more tornadoes every year. If you look at the data, that would not seem to be a true statement. The data may be found at by the way. As for the argument on Global Warming, I have my own opinions about it, but basically I must say that we simply do not know enough at this point. We need to do more studies before we can make an educated decision regarding it. -- KingKey
And as for stopping tornadoes by flying over them and dropping chemicals into them, well... that sounds good, but in reality it would be almost impossible to accomplish. Tornadoes are typically very short-lived. Almost every tornado that I have ever seen had a life span of 10-20 minutes, though some have lasted longer. Even if someone wanted to take the chance of flying in very hazardous conditions to get above the storm, it would be difficult to do so before the tornado fizzled on its own. -- KingKey
And BeckyMarie, in answer to your question, since we really don`t know what it is, it`s difficult to say. Suction spots probably aren`t terribly dangerous in and of themselves, but you have to remember that they are spawned by and are rotating around larger, more violent tornadoes. In other words, I wouldn`t recommend sticking around to test the theory! -- KingKey
King Key you eem to know a lot about tornados, have you ever been featured on the weather channel, or on Accuweather. My uncle works for NWS and he feels that the system should listen to people like you, that the whole system is messed up. He said you have too many groups claiming to know it all. They should all work together, and they should take into consideration your thoughts. Like the movie twister,sometimes you just have the gift, kind of like you I think. We see you drive a lot -- bettylou
Nah, I`m not all that smart when it comes to tornadoes. I just make sure that I chase with folks that ARE smart! That way I have a better chance of seeing some! I`ve never been featured on TWC or AccuWeather. I prefer being behind the camera, actually. Tell your uncle that I am trying my best to get people to not automatically buy into the garbage that a lot of people shovel about Global Warming. We are still learning about weather, so we don`t know it all yet, but Mother Nature`s pretty smart! -- KingKey
Uploaded on 11/6/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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