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10-25-2007-Comet Holmes with Constellation
10-25-2007-Comet Holmes with Constellation
Description: Comet Holmes in relation to Perseus. Note that it is still visible even with glow from the full moon. Taken with ASA 400 camera for approximately 30 seconds at 7:15 pm. Camera was unguided.

Date Taken: 10/25/2007
Views: 2056
City: Lake Villa
State: illinois
Zipcode: 60046
Country: United States
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That is a good guide to it! It will be higher later in the evening. The Moon is rising hours later now so it will be easier to see the stars that you captured here. -- lunar-tic
Thanks it is our next homework project -- jodimiller
Jodimiller, The constellation is already viewable after sunset. Capella, the star that is shown below is one of the brighter stars in the area in the low North East sky. The comet is second to Capella in brightness. Also, the comet has shifted alittle from when this pic was taken but it should put you in the ballpark. Look for the star that does not belong in Perseus. Good Luck! -- mplishka
Thank you for the guide. I found it and had a good view with ordinary binoculars! -- diajanber
You are welcome! There are new pics coming up through the telescope last night. -- mplishka
Uploaded on 10/30/2007
by mplishka
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10-25-2007-Comet Holmes without constellation note
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