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Pennsylvania White-Tail deer
Description: Many feel that the Pennsylvania Whitetail deer is rapidly on the decrease. Once numbered over 1 million today number are well below 500,000. Farmers know all to wel that the deer eat their crop but hunters feel that the deer are no longer a staple to our woodlots. In this video you can see a huge herd of deer, something Ive not seen in a long time.

Date Taken: 9/30/2007
Views: 4881
City: Rolling Rock
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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They say deer now are really sick in PA. Do you have any information on to this -- BMB
I know we used to have a Deer Pen up here in State College where you could see them up close, but this closed down in 2001, I heard a rumor that it was Mad Deer disease, similar to Mad Cow, but that was just a rumor. It remains closed today, I believe. -- weathermatrix
As a hunter I feel that we need to close for one year our doe season. Something has to be done, the deer are really hard to find, because we have no deer left. -- martinsbird
In the back do you see that guy sitting at the edge of the woods. You can see a flash of orange, as he moves. You bum, how would you like it if the deer started to shoot back. I undersatnd that the deer must be harvested in order to keep down the numbers and all but why be allowed to shoot so many. -- jodimiller
I remember as a teen hunting in PA near Troy with my father and friends. It has been a long, long time ago. We usually all got a buck. When we moved to NY state, my father went back to PA to hunt with his brothers and friends. He always got a deer, usually with a bow. I know that nowadays the deer population is low, there is a hunting park near Elkland, PA near my sisters where you can hunt many things. My oldest son got a boar there last year. -- palyke
This is a wonderful charming and very educational video. We love watching your videos. DONT SHOOT BAMBI -- Flood City Weather Team
I am so glad the deer are safe behind the fence -- mindyweather
I wonder how many baby deer this herd will make for next year. -- jodimiller
The whitetail deer is a beautiful animal. Once they are gone, they are gone. Then what will Santa do without reindeer? Save a deer ... shoot a hunter ... :D -- HayleyR
Uploaded on 9/30/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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