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Door Smashed by Storm
Door Smashed by Storm
Description: Used with permission from Mike Simons. His description follows. Around 7pm tonight, my son and I were eating dinner and I heard thunder getting rapidly closer from the west. Our home is nearish the SE corner of Steuben County, in the hills south of Addison, NY No big deal as compared to typical summertime storms here, with the exception of the wind, which leads me to my question. Find attached a picture of my broken bedroom door. Solid wood, panel construction. When the storm blew in, my wife woke up from a nap and came down to join us in the living room - we soon... ahem, retreated to the basement - but asked me to go check on our bedroom, as a door out to the balcony/deck had blown open - the latch wouldn`t catch in the high wind - 2nd time since we`ve lived here that that`s happened. I closed it and barred the door shut with an ironing board. We went to the basement, etc., etc..., storm passed by 7:25, all`s well...... ....until we just went up to bed, and noticed the door stop/jamb resting on our stairs, six feet from the door. Lo and behold, the door buckled at the knob/latch and, popped out of its jamb a good inch or two, and blew the stop guide/strip clear down the stairs. I was wondering what carnage awaited us in the bedroom --- all the while, shooting pics for a potential insurance claim. Open the door, and........ NOTHING. I mean, not a thing out of place, not a sock budged an inch on the floor. Pristine......with the exception of the balcony door, which was open about a half and inch. The winds, I`m guessing, were quite high but there was no wind damage at all in the room, which says to me, - the door did not BLOW open - which leaves in my mind only - pressure - of the arriving storm front as a possible culprit. A drop in pressure - or a rapid rise --... could that be it?

Date Taken: 8/25/2007
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City: Addison
*ApertureValue: 2.875
*Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows
State: new york
Country: United States
*Camera: Canon PowerShot S2 IS
*ShutterSpeedValue: 5.90625
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I have answered this question - kind of - on my blog at -- weathermatrix
Uploaded on 8/27/2007
by accuweather
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