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Lightning hit road outside our home
Lightning hit road outside our home
Description: Just a little bit ago my daughter saw this bolt come past her bedroom window and hit the road below. At the same time she saw the bolt she heard the crack and held her ears. We all heard the crack and the way it shook our house. You can see the damage as it hit the road and blew the pavement away and look at the cracks it made in the pavement. The hole was smoking after the hit.

Date Taken: 8/20/2007
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City: conemaugh
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State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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I am so sorry but do I think that lightning really hit here? Many people say they say the bolt of light hit the ground here but I am not sure. The pavement is not melted, the bricks are not black -- johnstownwildfire
Ok after interviewing a few people who live near by and menbers of the local fire department seems that amain bolt of lightning hit nearby that had mutliple branches on it. The main bolt hit somewhere to the north of this location but off of this main bolt was seen over 10 branches comming downward towards the ground and hitting power lines phones line etc. So it is still possible that this could be a hit. Still wonder why I see no burn marks, for the amount of damage here you would think meltin -- johnstownwildfire
johnstownwildfire are you sure that the lighting can hit the road ? At the physics lessons in school i study that the thunder hit only objects that is situated at hight altidute. What do you think about this ? -- uniq_photo
Hey uniq photo.. I notice that you call lightning thunder, no problem.. Ok your question, thunder can hit any point at any given time on the planet surface. It will hit a point with the most unequal charge. Sure it will hit high points but I have seen it hit low points right in the valley of two large high mountains. We have so much to learn about lightning thunder.. why is there air.. Now do I think lightning hit the road here, no I do not. J show was there maybe he can shed some light on here -- johnstownwildfire
Really super picture. Ok we need your help PLEASE. If you have any pictures past present or future, please consider the following. If your picture or video can aide students in their education, please add to the tag under that picture the word educational. We are going to tell studenst nationwide to come here for support etc. and use the word educational to find pictures and videos. We also want others to vote on the pictures you see. In the end it helps everyone, and moreso its a good gesture -- jodimiller
Uniq dude you so smart dont ask R Factor he has no idea, ask me Ok I will,See hole, see cracks ok lightning hit the ground here, every one saw it hit. Beckys kid was looking right at it as it hit the ground. And no she can still see and hear.R FActor seems to think that a bolt of lightning can not hit close to someone with out that person going deaf and blind.Why is it so hard to think that a person cant look at lightning, we do it all the time and what if it is only 20 feet away, no difference -- jodimiller
Uploaded on 8/21/2007
by BeckyMarie
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