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Super lightning storm July`s Fireworks 57
Super lightning storm July`s Fireworks 57
Description: These picture show case by far the best pictures of lightning I have every seen in this area. The storm grew from nothing and died right before my eyes but not before displaying a ton of lightning. The pictures start with simple bolts and grow from their, each pictures seems to show the strength of a growing storm by the way the lightning looks.

Date Taken: 7/29/2007
Views: 1473
City: Chickorre mountain
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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There be doubles -- johnstownwildfire
I took a 2nd look at these pictures and one word comes to mind WOW. Then another word NUTS you being their that close. The lightning reminds me of the night Johnstown got flooded in 77. Everyone should take time and watch all in this set. By the way your nuts for being their doing this, what would we do if you ever got hit by one stray bolt, thats all it would take you know. -- BeckyMarie
The power of God is so wonderful yet it maybe a warning of things to come. You stand before the power of these storms you must have no fears of facing your judgement. Each time you look upon the face of these storms your soul must feel the presence of His all being -- Roxys
Another blurry, out of focus picture, as most of johnstownwildfires seem to be. -- funrun
Lightning videography is not easy. I see that you have not submitted any photos yet so perhaps you don`t appreciate the nuances of lightning videography. These video captures are a bit small. Ron is working with a Kodak Z710 camera which takes videos at 320x240 and copying frames out of the video. This is the best you can do at 320x240. We are working on moving him to 640x480 but currently the Photo Gallery does not accept the Kodak videos at 640x480. We hope it will by the end of the month. -- weathermatrix
Uploaded on 7/30/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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