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Birth and Death of a Thunderstorm part 3
Description: Folks in short this is the best display of lightning I have ever seen in along time. People pulled off the road to watch the show said that this was more lightning than the 77 flood in Johnstown had that night. I have about 11 clip of lightning check them out it is awesome. The storm started to grow and die right befor emy eyes and it really moved slowly towards me.

Date Taken: 7/29/2007
Views: 4464
City: Chickorre mountain
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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Great video -- BeckyMarie
You must have some big ones to be standing out in that lightning -- tonykelly should post these videos of your storm. They should some how group them and highlight them to get extra attention. The lightning reminds me of the night Johnstown got flooded in 77. Everyone should take time and watch all in this set. By the way your nuts for being their doing this, what would we do if you ever got hit by one stray bolt, thats all it would take you know. -- BeckyMarie
Really cool stuff! Congrats on your quest! Thank you for posting this and thank you for having the guts to be there. -- Blanca
Uploaded on 7/30/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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