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Lightning best shot ever using a Kodak Easy share
Lightning best shot ever using a Kodak Easy share
Description: In short again I want to thank Jesse he called me and said its a comin. I was on the lake at Yellow Creek State Park, located in Indiana PA, wetting a few worms and I had just gotten off the lake when the skies opened up. In a 10 min span I filmed over 60 hits of lightning shown also in these pictures. Now mind you this is from an outflow, off the coast of New England. Go figure. Like Jesse says the weather is always interesting.

Date Taken: 6/13/2007
Views: 34985
City: Yellow Creek State PArk
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
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The power of God is so wonderful yet it maybe a warning of things to come. You stand before the power of these storms you must have no fears of facing your judgement. Each time you look upon the face of these storms your soul must feel the presence of His all being -- Roxys
Yea I think God made the lightning but for what reason. We cant tap into it yet, so why have it. Other than it doing nothing more than causing a lot of damage. Ok it stirs the soul not mine but others maybe. I know one thing if it hits you it will stir more than your soul. -- missygirl1
Really super picture. Ok we need your help PLEASE. If you have any pictures past present or future, please consider the following. If your picture or video can aide students in their education, please add to the tag under that picture the word educational. We are going to tell studenst nationwide to come here for support etc. and use the word educational to find pictures and videos. We also want others to vote on the pictures you see. In the end it helps everyone, and moreso its a good gesture -- jodimiller
Close by , too close for me. -- womansfury
Super picture of lightning. -- sunray
Uploaded on 6/14/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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