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Description: pretty bad actually. this is a view from the top of Grand Mesa. you should be seeing a few mountain ranges. the furthest is the La Sal range in Utah. you can barely see some snow on the peaks there, it should be pretty clear. the haze is smoke, smog... pollution. yes, it is made worse by the fires that were burning in CA & other states west of CO... but... pollution is a huge problem, even when no wildfires are burning. we can`t ignore it, that is why i took and am posing this.

Date Taken: 9/29/2006
Views: 6352
State: CO
Country: United States
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Very beautiful, even though the beauty is caused by smokey haze. -- desmo100
A shame on us. Move closer to work and walk there. Stop buying junk and simplify life! Leave the wilderness as wilderness! People move into it and destroy it. Give to The Nature Conservancy. Bush let these coal fired plants operate without modernizing their plants in violation of law. -- lunar-tic
Hazy, but still very beautiful. Reminds me a little bit of our always-hazy Blue Ridge Mtns! Nice work. -- desmo100
Uploaded on 10/7/2006
by ShebaJo
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