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Let it snow
Let it snow
Description: This is too cute.

Date Taken: 10/28/2007
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City: Vinco
*ApertureValue: 4.33984375
*ISOSpeedRatings: 400
State: pennsylvania
Country: United States
*ShutterSpeedValue: 5.90689086914063
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A great way to promote the season. She is a doll. -- BeckyMarie
Cute a button, but you should remove his tag -- Roxys
This little guy is my newest hero, bring it on I say. Sure thunderstorms, well they are not cool storms, they can hurt you, and you never miss school from a thunderstorm in PA. Ohio, midwest sure you do because they are a lot bigger. Now my point, snowstorms, yes NO SCHOOL. And it is harmless, well unless you drive like R Factor then you have a problem with snow, but I love snow. This little dude should be like the Accuweather on line promoter for snow. He can give Madman a run for his money. -- jodimiller
Can I have em -- karentoth
You go girl.. We want snow, sking, tubing, roaring fireplace at 7 springs,ice skating, sled riding, making snowwomen weenie roast outside in blizzard, the joys of winter -- summersmarie
SNOW -- countrysinger
If anyone should ask I am the local forecaster, I used to work for the NWS but they could not pay me enough. I like the weather channel cause they have cute boys. -- kerrymeyers
My new buddy -- jodimiller
YES SNOW We ca naks the Madman god for snow. -- JessicaS
ITs supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Its Really Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious By far all the way Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Only you could make it Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! -- BeckyMarie
Hey Accuweather snow promoter. we love you, We have snow in the forecast YES -- jodimiller
Hey JODI it be snowing -- davidmario
It is snowing, ITS SNOWING yes thanks and madman I say bring on the storm. You see our littl buddy here had some kind of thingy that she did to make it snow. It is mor ethan the sign, it is a power from out their somewhere. -- jodimiller
Bummer the snows have come to a hault... Think snow, if we all think snaow all at once at the same time just maybe it will happen the mother of all snows. Madman would be happy, a 5 foot snowstorm, ok maybe 6 to 7 -- jodimiller
Hey Jodi look our lost snow god...Hey we should make like a video, promo video for the madman promo for snow using these little guys. I have a bunch at my house we could put something together. -- womansfury
Yea you go dude -- peanuts
I hear you are the great snow cheerleader for the Madman Snow Team, You go dude we love you -- tanyarivers
We got snow thanks little buddie -- brrr
We love the snow but we really need more like are we asking too much if we say 2 or 3 feet -- snowball
We need and want more SNOW... -- flix
MORE SNOW Your like our good luck charm... More snow. Madman, bring it on... -- moodyjudy
We want more snow. -- billy
Hey little buddy we speak to you cheer as lous as you can, for this weekend we want that snow and no sleet -- Thunder
SNOW we want the snow bring it on... I hear your like the good luck charm for snow. -- tabby
Today the cheer is Madman Madman your the man, if no can madman can, do the snow dance oh great madman. Madman madman bring it on home, we want snow and we say it loud and clear we want snow. -- South Fork Weather Team
Cheer all you want, the northeast this winter is getting the you know what. Why can't we get one good storm, at least 2 feet. Please can someone explain it in simple terms, why we have no snow this winter? Look out west 10 11 12 13 feet of snow from one storm, all we want is 2 that is all not asking for much. -- Hermoine
Some good luck charm you are... We need a replacement and fast. Someone needs to also turn on coach Madman, seems the coach can't figure it out either. -- Hermoine
He is the best of the best! We have had snow every day now for a couple of weeks. Sure we need our 3 to 5 foot storm but give it time. Hello everyone, you too can have your picture on this web site. Join today, and if you wish consider building your own weather team. View Kids Weather on for more information -- jodimiller
I hear your good luck. Well I need snow for the big snowmobile race I am in next weekend. My dad and I built this really fast sled, and it is a rocket. I am out of the blocks, ok I do the hundred in 4.4 sec. -- miketarg
Pray for snow! We want snow! -- sunray
Uploaded on 10/29/2007
by johnstownwildfire
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